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FREE Comp Calculator and How to Use it to Make Accurate Offers to Motivated Sellers

Here’s a FREE Camp Calculator we create for my business. Here’s what this will do for you: 1. Help you determine what exactly to offer on a property. 2. Give you the exact selling price based upon your market conditions. 3. Give you an accurate repair estimate using the “Repair Calculator” 4. Give you the “spread” or

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PART II: Discover the EXACT Amount to Offer Using Zillow, How to LOGICALLY Present the Offer & How to Get the Contract Signed So You Can Make $5,700 Or More in 30 Days or Less…

Discover How to Make the Correct Offer Using Zillow, How to Present the Offer to a Seller and Get the Contract Signed Here’s  PART I: DISCOVER THE “HOW TO” MECHANICS OF A NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, NO FUNDING WHOLESALE TRANSACTION Here’s what you’ll learn: 1. How to determine the CORRECT offer price using Zillow so

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Part I: Discover The “HOW TO” Mechanics of a NO Money, NO Credit, NO Funding Wholesale Transaction that will Net YOU $5,700 or More In 30 Days or Less…

Discover the Specific Details of a NO Money, NO Credit, NO Funding Wholesale Deal Tyler Weitz shares how he got started not knowing anything about real estate he discovered the concept of “wholesaling” by reading my free book and then decided to give it a try.  It took him six months to get his first

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How to Build a $100K a MONTH Wholesaling Empire: $100K Wholesaler Master Class

Discover How to Build a $100K a Month Wholesaling Houses Operation This detailed workshop will answer these SIX questions in detail: 1. HOW DO I GO FROM MY “CURRENT SITUATION” TO A $100K A MONTH BUSINESS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE? 2. HOW CAN I STRATEGICALLY GROW FROM A “ONE MAN SHOW” TO AN AUTOMATED, PROFIT PRODUCING, CASH

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