10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Wholesaling for Quick Cash

10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Wholesaling for Quick Cash

How can you get more out of your wholesaling marketing and get more results with less?

There are endless forms of wholesaling marketing available to real estate investors today. 90% of them can work given they are planned and executed correctly and best practices are applied. However, many are still finding they can’t do all the marketing they would like due to budget constraints when starting out or fall into the traps of extremely complex and costly advertising needlessly.

Radio and TV can still be great, mobile marketing is cool and unleashing new apps even trendier but confusing and expensive lead generation funnels frequently throw real estate investors off their game, distract and slow them down and result in longer periods of time before seeing tangible results and real cash and returns coming back in the door.

Fortunately, there are still many simple, affordable yet highly profitable ways to generate leads for buying and selling homes as well as raising private capital to fund deals and grow faster.

10 guerrilla wholesaling marketing ideas for quick cash:

1. In Person Networking

Social media is great and can be highly profitable for real estate investing. Of course most businesses fail at it miserably and it just becomes a lethal time and money drain, not to mention a source of major frustration. Look to in person networking opportunities instead. They are free and they are everywhere. From McDonald’s to the mechanic’s and the park everyone is a prospect; you just have to engage in a conversation with them.

2. Bulletin Boards

It might seem low profile but there are virtually free display advertising opportunities all over the place from your local coffee shop to the gym and they might get a lot more visibility than you think.

3. Family Reunions

The best and easiest leads to close when wholesaling for quick cash come from family and friends, especially for newer investors. This makes family reunions or even community BBQs a buffet of leads while having a lot of fun too.

4. Door-hangers

Want to do direct mail but don’t think you have the budget to do it right? What about trying door hangers? They cut out the postage, mailing time and can be a lot more profitable than you think.

5. Online Forums

Growing a giant online social media following is great, but don’t spend months on it before closing a deal. Jump into online forums and leverage the giant pool of users others already have.

6. Viral Videos

Create your own viral videos and let them spread to the masses for free.

7. Blogging

Blogging still remains one of the best ways to get a high wholesaling marketing ROI and enjoy an array of benefits simultaneously.

8. Use Properties as Billboards

Renting billboard space is generally ridiculously expensive and low ROI. However, using your own properties or those of other property owners that need cash bad can achieve even greater results for less.

9. Contests

Create phone in, drop by, email or social contests, competitions and giveaways to raise awareness and build lead lists fast.

10. Collaborate

Every other business owner out there wants more customers and to drive down their marketing expenses. How can you collaborate to create affordable win-wins for both of you?

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