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Imagine if you had a friend who was making millions of dollars in real estate.

Imagine if that friend was willing to reveal his entire business model so you could copy, step-by-step, exactly what he’s doing in your own market.

Imagine if that friend personally got on the phone with you every two weeks and answered all your burning questions.

Imagine if that friend had created a community of like-minded people, who were following a similar journey to yours. People who could critique what you’re doing, answer your questions, and become long-term friends and joint venture partners in the future..

Imagine what it would feel like when you finally completed your first ever real estate deal and deposited that first HUGE check in your bank account!

Now Imagine building a true lasting business that will allow you and your family to live a lifestyle and enjoy the freedom that most people only dream of.

Well, great news!  That is exactly what I have created with Remote Millions 2.0.

This is The ULTIMATE Step-by-Step Mentorship Program (including videos + written versions) + Support + Community + Me.  All you need to become a profitable real estate investor even if you’ve never bought, sold or owned one piece of real estate.


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The Most Powerful Real Estate Tool Available

"Discover Pure JET FUEL For Your
Real Estate Investing Business."

Go Further Faster with this Intuitive Must Have Software


FlipMoreHouses will help your business win the race for converting high-quality leads by combining marketing automation with our targeted lists and pipeline intelligence.

  • Generate highly targeted lists of properties that meet your investment strategy.
  • Smart search for any property address and unlock a wealth of detailed information.
  • Generate comps from MLS sales and county recordings for the most current data.

FlipMoreHouses is the only professional tool that gives you the data software and analytics to solve real-world problems across the entire country!

  • Over 100+ targeting criteria to find and create lists of prospects
  • Comprehensive data and context delivering insights
  • Visualize where your customers are and analyze your market
  • Find your next customer before they even know they’re in the market

Have you ever sent out a mailing and you got 20%-30% of the postcards/yellow letters back because the DATA SUCKED?

We used data from other providers and spent buckets of cash just to get RETURN TO SENDER/ NO SUCH ADDRESS/ UNABLE TO FORWARD! Other companies have data that’s 90 to 120 days old, because it costs so darn much to keep fresh lists….UNTIL NOW!

FlipMoreHouses dynamically updates data as soon as it’s changed in county records, so that you can send mailers with confidence and NEVER EXPERIENCE BAD DATA AGAIN!

Inside of our training portal, we have cutting edge training modules that will show you:

1. Wholesaling Houses 101
2. Who Sells Houses at 40% Below Market?
3. How To Find The Perfect Motivated Seller Avatar
4. How To Attract The Motivated Seller Avatar
5. How To Get Your Contract Signed
6. How to Open Escrow
7. How To Sell Property Lightning Fast
8. How To Get $5K+ Check in 45 Days or Less

Ready to JET FUEL Your Business?