The Four Phases of Freedom


The four phases of freedom is designed to take you conservatively from a new real estate investor to an accomplished professional.

Phase I: Get your FIRST check as Fast a Humanly Possible

Episode #2: The Anatomy of a $32K Deal

This will allow you to have the confidence to shut up all the naysayer and move forward to your freedom.

Phase II: Accumulate ONE years worth of Income

Save one year’s worth of income from flipping houses. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to eventually quit your job and go full time.

Phase III: Quitting Your Job and Going Full Time

This is an exciting day!! You have one year’s worth of income saved and now you can finally give notice to your boss that NOW is the time you’re moving on. Moving on to FREEDOM!

Phase IV: How to Scale Your Real Estate Business to Generate Automatic Monthly Cash Flow

Now it’s time to take the extra cash a build a cash fl0w machine that will pay you 24/7.

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