F2F 070: I Dissect a $32K Deal from Start to Finish: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase I]

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Discover the Four Phases to Freedom: I Dissect a $32K Deal from Start to Finish

In this episode I launch a new series on the four phases to freedom.

Phase I: Fast Track to Your First Big Check.

Phase II: Quitting Your Job: Getting One’s Years Worth of Income in the Bank.

Phase III: Building Momentum and Generate Cash Stick.

Phase IV: How to Build Cash Flow to Cover Your Monthly Nut.

In this episode I share a recent $32K deal from start to finish.  I give you all the juicy details on where the deal came from and how I negotiated the deal.  I tell you how I sold it in record time. I also share a gripping story and a inspirational clip from one of the greatest coaches of all time.

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