F2F 073: How to Quit Your JOB: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase II]

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How to Get One Years Worth of Income in the Bank and Quit Your Job

This is Part II of the IV part series on the Four Phases to Freedom

Phase I: Fast Track to Your First Big Check.

Phase II: Quitting Your Job: Getting One’s Years Worth of Income in the Bank.

Phase III: Building Momentum and Generate Cash Stick.

Phase IV: How to Build Cash Flow to Cover Your Monthly Nut.

In this episode I share how to go out and replace your income and have the option to quit your JOB.  I explain how to use the spiritual laws of success along with re-investing 15% back into marketing.   This will give you the ability to consistently build momentum and reach your goal of getting one years worth of income in the bank.  Also it will give you the experience and the momentum to keep going.

At the end I share how to get out of a rut.  Everyone at some point gets in a rut and it’s sometimes very hard to break the trend.  You have to take dramitic actions they can be uncomfortable, but when you look back it was the best decision.  Just like getting back to the gym, it’s hard when you start, but once you gain momentum it’s a lot easier.

Hope you enjoy this episode and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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