F2F 076: How to Build $10K/mo in Passive Income: Four Phases to Freedom Series [Phase IV]

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Imagine Making $10K/mo Without Lifting a Finger.  Ahhhhh….FREEDOM!

This is Part IV of the IV part series on the Four Phases to Freedom

Phase I: Fast Track to Your First Big Check.

Phase II: Quitting Your Job: Getting One’s Years Worth of Income in the Bank.

Phase III: How to Go Full Time and Crush It

Phase IV: How to Build $10K/mo in Passive Income

In this episode we get to the final phase of freedom.  Building $10K/mo in passive income. Now if you don’t know, passive income is making money WITHOUT working.  Imagine receiving $10,000 of checks in the mail from people pay rent every single month. We’ll in this episode I share exactly how to do this with using NO cash and NO credit.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

1. What type of deals to target and why.

2. What criteria does the deal structure have to meet to make it worth holding on to.

3. How to structure the deal exactly.

4. How to pitch the structure to the seller and get the contract.

5. How to write the contract and what to say.

6. How to close on the deal.

7. How to recoup your money and have zero dollars in the property with $500/mo+ cash flow.

You’ll also learn the importance of fighting for your dreams.

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