[video] 21 Year Old Steve Make $30,000 On His First Ever Wholesale Real Estate Deal

Another New Entry for the Flip2Freedom Challenge $22,000 Cash Give Away

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Want to win $1,000 in Cash on February 6th 2013?

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Step #1: Register here at The Flip2Freedom Challenge Page

Step #2: Record a video and tell us your name, where you’re from and any success you might have had by listening to the Flip2Freedom podcast or being a member of the Flip2Freedom Academy.  If you haven’t got your first check you, you might talk about how the podcast has inspired you or changed your life.

Upload your video to YouTube.com  and submit your YouTube video URL to the Flip2freedom Fan Page on Facebook. Facebook.com/Flip2Freedom

Video submissions must be in no later than 12pm on Wednesday Night February 6th 2013 to qualify for the January $1,000 Give Away.

We will be announcing the winner on the Webinar Scheduled for February 7th 2013

I can wait to see your video’s!!!



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