F2F 104: [4] Insane Secrets to Flipping 30 Junkers a Month and Making a Absolute Killing

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Discover the Secrets to Flipping 30 Houses Plus a Month!

Jack Martin is a friend and one of my biggest competitors.  The funny thing is that we’ve done more deals together than we’ve ever competed on.  He and his Partner Bruce run and very successful wholesaling operation here in Merto Phoenix.  In this exclusive interview Jack reveals some hidden secrets for what it takes to run a multimillion dollar a year wholesaling operation.

We get into some pretty deep stuff.  From mind set to what he’d do today without the support of his team to generate $20,000 cash in 30 days or less.  His answer will shock you. lol

To learn more about Jack, you can visit his blog at: Bakerson Blog

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