F2F 095: 4 Physiological Triggers to Get Motivated Sellers to Practically Give you Their Houses

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Discover the 4 Simple “Tells” that Motivated Sellers Project When Their Ready to Sell

In this episode you will learn how to talk to sellers and discover their “tells” to determine how to negotiate the best deal possible.  In poker, some players telegraph their “tells” that let you know exactly what they are holding in their hand.  Well, motivated sellers have these same tells that if known can change how you negotiate with them.

You’ll also learn one ninja strategy that will increase the amount of deals you get with the exact same amount of leads.  Let’s say you are converting one deal out of 25 leads.  This one trick will allow you to convert 5 deals to every 25 leads.

You’ll Also Lean:

1.  What you MUST have before you attempt to talk to a seller.

2. What to bring on the appointment and why.

3. How to determine the number to offer to the seller.

4. How to present a low ball offer and still have the seller love you.

5. This one secret will separate you from all the competition.

6.  I share an inspirational story that will move you to action.

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