5 Tips for Driving More Traffic to Wholesaling Websites

5 Tips for Driving More Traffic to Wholesaling Websites

How can real estate investors drive more prospects to their wholesaling websites?

No real estate investor ought to be trying to do business without a website today. It may be possible, but certainly isn’t the most efficient and profitable way to do business today. However, whether you have crafted a luxurious, widget filled 100 page website or are just working with a simple single landing page, it isn’t likely to work magic and produce thousands of real estate leads and deals all by itself.

So how can investors dramatically increase the traffic to their wholesaling websites quickly?

1. PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is easily the fastest way to drive in traffic to wholesaling websites. Choose pay-per-click when you absolutely have to pull in real estate leads fast. It’s relatively easy to set up, can produce results within hours, and you only pay for what you actually get versus gambling on wholesaling marketing methods that can be hit or miss and hard to predict the ROI on.

2. Blogging

For those wanting more leads and traffic now and who want to maximize marketing ROI over the long term blogging can be a fantastic choice. Of course all investors ought to be blogging for their wholesaling websites daily anyway. It is superb fuel for search engine optimization, increasing Google rankings and drawing organic internet traffic.

3. Form an Affiliate Network

Deputizing a network of affiliates to promote your properties and send traffic to wholesaling websites is an excellent way to leverage other people’s time and resources. This can be a mix of online influencers, remote workers looking for extra money and overseas real estate professionals. Let them bring you the leads and traffic and pay based on visits, clicks or closed deals.

4. Get Better At SEO

Improving your SEO can help to naturally increase traffic and can be a great choice for those that are on a tight budget but don’t mind doing a bit or writing or making tweaks to their websites themselves. Look at on page SEO and improving keyword usage, internal links and making sure your site is organized the way Google likes it to be. Then look at off page SEO and link building. Where can you submit content or post business listings with links back to your wholesaling websites?

  1. Social Media Campaigns

Social media has the capacity for helping investors to instantly get in front of millions of prospects, if not billions. Use Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to run campaigns and contests and push users to your own web pages.

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