F2F 020: 5 Ways to Analyze & Structure Each Lead for Maximum Profit & Saleability

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5 Ways to Analyze & Structure Each Lead for Maximum Profit & Saleability

In this episode I discuss how to analyze & structure each lead that come in to make the most amount of the profit.  The 5 most common types of leads that come you’ll experience is:

1. Sellers with No equity

2. Sellers with little  equity

3. Sellers that are upside down

4. Sellers that own their homes free & clear

5. Sellers with substantial equity but still have a loan

You can market to find these leads by mailing to these sources:

1. Bandit signs

2. Absentee owners w/ 50% equity

3. Inheritance list

4. Pre-Foreclosure, deed dates 1998 and below

5. Probate leads

Recommended Resources:

Where to find the lists:

1. Absentee Owners & Pre-Foreclosure : ListSource.com

2. Inheritance List: USLeadList.com

3. Yellow Letter Marketing: YellowLetter.com

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