6 Reasons Google Adwords Rocks for Wholesaling Marketing

6 Reasons Google Adwords Rocks for Wholesaling Marketing

Why should real estate investors choose Google Adwords campaigns for their wholesaling marketing?

There are virtually endless marketing and advertising options out there for the real estate industry today. From offline to online options, traditional staples like display, print and direct mail to blogging, article marketing and social the choice of where to dedicate marketing money can be bewildering. Then there are the constant pitches of marketing agencies and sales people knocking on the door with their own creative strategies and gimmicks that they insist investors just “have to have”.

The majority of these options can certainly work if executed well, and a good handful should be put together to form a well-rounded marketing mix. However, so many still fail to offer anywhere near the advantages that Google Adwords can when it comes to wholesaling marketing.

The biggest concerns of most real estate investors when it comes to adopting a strategy or campaign today are (or at least should be); return on investment, measurability and control. Sadly very few of the plethora of advertising options out there today really fail to perform on these criteria. Then there is Google Adwords.

6 reasons to consider Adwords as an alternative:

1. Pay for Performance

Wholesalers have good reason to be wary about signing on to many of the choices pitched to them because there is no certainty of results, level of results or ROI. In contrast, Google Adwords means only paying for performance. If you don’t get clicks you don’t pay,

2. Guaranteed Traffic

Very few traffic generation methods guarantee results. Many have huge potential and can deliver great ROI when done well, but they can also fail miserably and often it is truly a shot in the dark as to what is going to happen. On the other hand Adwords can offer traffic virtually guaranteed. So if you absolutely have to have leads, this might be the best option.

3. Leads on Demand

Some of the issues with other forms of lead generation is that it is very difficult to throttle lead flow at will. Sometimes they may produce nothing when you needed incoming business or they can slam you with way more than you can handle, meaning wasted dollars and opportunities. With Google PPC campaigns for wholesaling marketing traffic and lead flow can be fluctuated on demand to ensure all opportunities are maximized.

4. Scalable

Pay-per-click doesn’t just mean easily throttling traffic flow either; it can be scaled for any size operation or budget and changed at any time without loss versus the challenges of growing a physical call center or the steep entry costs of other mediums.

5. Measurability

With PPC it’s easy to measure results, metrics and ROI. It can be done from a simple dashboard without having to dig into all types of digits and extensive mathematical equations. Test, analyze, recalibrate.

6. Fast Results

With Google Adwords for wholesaling marketing you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see results or even if results are ever going to come. A campaign can be set up in just a few minutes and launched immediately.

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