6 Tips for Better Wholesaling Websites

6 Tips for Better Wholesaling Websites

Wholesaling websites makes a key part of any real estate investors’ daily business. Unfortunately many don’t see the results they would like from their sites, at least not in the volume and timeline that they would like to.

So what can you do to make yours better and get more of the results you want faster?

1. Make it Fast

Many real estate investors that are serious about internet marketing have been busy adding all types of plug-ins and diversifying media to offer content in the form of podcasts and video. This can all be great but speed cannot be forgotten. With consumers less patient than ever and many surfing the web from mobile devices investors cannot neglect speed. A slow site will just turn people off and have them going to the competition.

2. Look Good

Sadly, despite wholesaling websites becoming far less expensive and easier to launch than ever many real estate investors still have incredibly ugly websites. Think about the websites you visit. What makes you stay on a site versus hitting the back button? What makes you comfortable enough to actually do business with someone over the web versus questioning their credibility and ability to perform? So what makes you think an ugly website is going to deliver any of the benefits you need? Even for those on an almost non-existent budget there are many great looking WordPress templates available for free or next to nothing.

3. Contact Information

Prominently displaying contact information on wholesaling websites can make a world of difference. This can improve SEO and Google rankings, as well as credibility. After all, the whole idea of having a website is to get new business, right? Far too many online business owners hide information and make it too difficult to be contacted.

4. Blog Consistently

Blogging remains one of the most important things any real estate investor can do. High quality, original blogs, regularly posted can make all the difference in SEO, getting to the top of Google, drawing more traffic, establishing expertise and retaining prospects. Blogging can be highly profitable and if possible should be done on a daily basis. However, note that this is not something to skimp on. Junk content will only bring junk results.

5. Focus on Conversions

The media and online marketing culture has put a huge focus on the number of visitors a site gets and has made traffic the top metric or goal most focus on. Sadly this can often just become a distraction. A mass of traffic is great but what investors really want from their wholesaling websites is real leads and real deals or dollars, right? So put more focus on drawing the right traffic and improving conversion rates rather than just lots of traffic.

6. Recognize where it fits in

While having a good marketing mix of on and offline channels investors need to recognize that their wholesaling websites are really the heart of their entire operations from raising money to generating buying and selling leads and developing contact lists. So if you are going to have a website make sure you invest in it appropriately.

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