6 Ways to Make More Profit From Wholesaling A House

6 Ways to Make More Profit From Wholesaling A House

How can you boost the profits from wholesaling a house fast and easily to bag even better returns?

As the housing rebound continues to unfold many real estate wholesalers are panicking about ramping up transaction volume. Sadly, while this can be a great time to take it to the next level many are sacrificing net profits for increased units. In most cases this is completely counterproductive. The real objective for most should be less work and more net income.

So how can you achieve better profit margins, even as competition for inventory heats up besides getting lower offers accepted?

1. Better Due Diligence

Instead of copying the newbies and sacrificing due diligence for speed, get better at due diligence to avoid getting stuck with dead weight deals.

2. Smarter Improvements

This isn’t the time to splurge on lavish improvements. Even wholesalers may want to touch up curb appeal or clear out properties to make them more marketable and appealing, but be sure every dime actually delivers a real direct return.

3. Improve Marketing ROI

Enhance your wholesaling marketing ROI to avoid bleeding out all of your profits. Look to sure fire lead generators, measure everything and keep tweaking. Watch those clicks, conversions, cost per action, lead and closed house.

4. Increase Operational Efficiency and Profitability

Look to outsourcing, VOIP, improved management tools, methods of increasing productivity throughout the ranks, and ways to repurpose content and wholesaling marketing materials in order to drive down expenses and build in wider profit margins. This might also be a time to get a good handle on personal expenses and debt and stop taking on new credit every month your income goes up. Remember the goal of financial freedom and let your investment profits pay for your toys.

5. Add-On Services

In addition to widening profit margins by improving operations and the spread between buying and selling when wholesaling a house, consider other services that can be used to upsell customers to increase their total value. This can include carefully and legally structured deals with title companies, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents as well as moving companies, home warranty providers and even furnishing stores.

6. Affiliate Advertising Revenues

Those that are doing well at commanding internet traffic to their wholesaling websites can cash in on visitors in endless ways even if they never sell or buy a home through the site. By incorporating affiliate ads and joining various ad networks additional revenues streams can be created for bulking up the top and bottom line as well as diversifying income.

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