7 Google Tools All Wholesaling CEOs Should Be Using

7 Google Tools All Wholesaling CEOs Should Be Using

Are you leveraging these easy to use and extremely powerful Google apps and tools to boost your real estate investing marketing, productivity and profits?

Whether the head of a multi-million dollar investment firm or solo entrepreneur all wholesaling CEOs ought to be using these Google tools to enhance their real estate investing efforts and results…

1. Drive

Google’s cloud based storage solution ‘Drive’ (previously Google Docs) is a must have for wholesaling CEOs serious about the longevity of their success and that demand the best profit margins. Use it to ensure nothing is ever lost and to streamline operations with cloud based sharing while driving down overhead.

2. Google+

New studies by three of the nation’s top universities show that consumers that are socially connected come back more often and add almost 6% more to revenues. Facebook might be popular but G+ is now recognized as the top choice for wholesaling CEOs serious about real networking and it comes with many advantages for improving Google rankings and connecting with prospects including hosting Hangouts.

3. Google Voice

Like Skype Google Voice offers a web based phone service that offers recording capabilities and can be forwarded anywhere to keep costs down and maintain privacy on the go.

4. Keep

Keep is one of the newest additions to the search and technology giant’s line up of apps. In a battle against Evernote, Keep offers a web based note taking app accessible by Drive or on Android powered mobile devices. Use it to stay organized, focused and to improve productivity.

5. Global Advertiser

It is no secret that foreign home buyers and real estate investors now account for a major percentage of U.S. real estate transactions and especially cash investments. Sadly most wholesaling CEOs have little experience marketing to an international audience, much less executing it effectively. Global Advertiser and Global Market Finder make it incredibly simple to pinpoint where the best prospects are on the planet and the best keywords to reach them, while combining with Google Adwords to drive real action, even for those on a budget.

6. Glass

Glass may not be available to the public yet but wholesaling CEOs will be excited to know that Google is selecting 8,000 American residents to test them out, and is selling them to computer programmers for developing solutions in advance. Expect to pay about $1,500 for yours and potentially having to travel to visit Google to pick them up but for getting way ahead of the competition it is certainly a small price to pay.

7. The Full Value of Mobile

The Full Value of Mobile calculator is just what many wholesaling CEOs have been waiting for. This nifty and fast to use calculator will help you pinpoint just how much business you are getting from mobile, where it’s going and how you can increase your mobile marketing ROI.

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