7 Powerful Resources for Wholesaling CEOs

7 Powerful Resources for Wholesaling CEOs

Looking to get the edge on competitors and increase your velocity towards your real estate investment goals?

The most successful wholesaling CEOs don’t just come out on top because they were born with more talents, more connections of more money in a trust fund. They win because they know where to look for and find the answers they don’t have, recognize the importance of modeling and mimicking successful systems to avoid pitfalls and maintain momentum.

While wholesaling homes is respected as the easiest and fastest way to cash in on the real estate market for the largest lump sum profits, that everyone can get into, there is a huge difference in results experienced. The disparity in being top or flop has consistently been proven to be all about the resources and education that wholesaling CEOs tap into.

So what are some of the tools and resources you should be hacking into if you want to get ahead?

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is easily one of the most powerful social media networks for real estate executives. More than just a platform for online real estate lead generation it is excellent for forging strategic referral partnerships, finding private lenders and improving SEO, as well as hiring. While there are many ways to push the envelope with groups and discussions, many will find just getting on it and setting up a profile will result in a lot of automated marketing and network building.

2. BiggerPockets

Most real estate investors are familiar with the Bigger Pockets real estate investor forum. It holds a huge database of information and connections to investors all over the country. It can be a good place to pick up birddogs, and perhaps flip good wholesale deals. However, in terms of advice it is often most valuable in teaching wholesaling CEOs what not to do from others’ mistakes, rather than acting as source for tips and how-to advice.

3. Zillow

Zillow is one of the biggest online real estate portals. It has been successful on the back of its marketing, not so much the strength of its tools. However, Zillow does offer many indexes that give more insight into housing market trends. In terms of home value estimates the portal is almost ridiculously inaccurate in most areas. It can be a rudimentary tool to be used as a rough staring point, but more than that helps investors recognize what data buyers and sellers are reading from

4. MyCoordinator LLC

For Michigan wholesaling CEOs, My Coordinator LLC offers a variety of closing coordination and process assistance as well as an investor friendly title company for legitimate double closings.

5. Best Transaction Funding

Best Transaction Funding in New Jersey offers transactional funding for wholesaling houses with zero money down and funding double closings.

6. G-Code Magazine

G-Code Magazine is a new entrepreneur magazine jammed with marketing tips and advice on business building and obtaining funding. It’s edgy and digs a lot deeper than some of the larger and more established entrepreneur publications to offer insight into testing for branding, mobile marketing and leadership skills.

7. Flip2Freedom Academy

Of course those looking for a pure real estate wholesaling system will probably love digging into the material from Flip2Freedom Academy, whose founder Sean Terry is about to release a new book on setting up winning Google Adwords campaigns for generating cash buyer and motivated seller leads.

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