7 Ways Wholesaling CEOs Can Find More Guidance

One of the biggest challenges or desires of wholesaling CEOs today is finding more guidance and practical wholesaling tips and advice from other real people.

Reading books and ordering printed or audio real estate investing courses is great, but many wholesaling CEOs crave more interaction and soon realize that they also need access to live, real help to keep them moving forward and harnessing best practices.

So how can you find more valuable guidance for interpreting the market, find out what’s working and not for other investors, get tuned into the latest trends and just find other like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off of?

1. Blogs

Real estate investing blogs offer a live feed of up to date, relevant information on the industry, and often provide that edge that cuts through the media spin. Make sure you are connected to real estate, business and marketing blogs and take time each week to glean new insight from them. Don’t just read either; get involved in the comments and interact. Note that this can also help your own SEO and build your list of contacts too.

2. Forums

Online real estate forums can also be a great source of up to the minute information and relevant wholesaling tips that work. Of course you need to filter out the newbies but you will find experienced veterans willing to share their input and be able to take advantage of some marketing and list building benefits among these platforms too.

3. Get a Mentor

Every wholesaling CEO should have at least one mentor if not two or three. It doesn’t matter whether you haven’t done a single deal yet or you are clocking 100 a year, mentors can help you take it to the next level.

4. Enroll in a Coaching Program

The truly elite in every field recognize that getting coaching isn’t a sign of weakness, but a critical and essential tool for getting to and staying on top to fulfill their full potential. Look at any notable business mogul, musician or athlete and there is a coach behind them.

5. Live Webinars

Live webinars can deliver the latest scoop on what’s going down in the world of wholesaling, and more than just a place to get pitched or hear the basics they offer a venue for networking with others and even real-time input from a pro, often for free.

6. Local Investor Groups

Every wholesaling CEO should also be a member of a local investors’ group. This is a great place to learn, get leads on properties and buyers as well as just find some support.

7. Social Media

All many real estate investors hear about social media today is how they need to be using it for marketing. But of course, that isn’t all it is designed for. Social is also a great way to get live help and feedback instantly and utilize the crowd for their input. Hop onto other people’s pages, post questions on yours, even create your own community on Google+ and host hangouts from home.

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