Are Your Wholesaling Efforts Being Sabotaged By Blunders in Marketing?

Are Your Wholesaling Efforts Being Sabotaged By Blunders in Marketing?

Success at wholesaling homes is hugely reliant on effective marketing. This remains true whether you are simply engaging in face to face networking or are launching a barrage of on and offline direct marketing campaigns in different mediums. Sadly, simple mistakes result in many investors failing to see the results they hope for.

Few of those in wholesaling can afford major mistakes in marketing that result in blowing an entire month’s budget. Even for those pulling in millions this can seriously cripple an enterprise and of coursed have even more severe consequences for those newer to the game.

So what blunders in wholesaling marketing have hurt others and should be watched out for?

1. Spelling

It might sound basic or redundant but basic spelling errors either by you or mistakes when being published can render a campaign worthless. A great example of this was a recent newspaper ad by an investor in Southwest Florida looking for private mortgage lenders whose ad ended up offering a “1%” return. Clearly that isn’t going to drive many inquiries. Always proof read your pieces before publishing.

2. Correct Contact Info

The above doesn’t just relate to text copy in the main body or title either. What about double checking your contact information? If your email, phone or social profile links aren’t spelled out correctly it doesn’t matter how captivating or motivating ads are.

3. Testing Lines of Contact

Just as important as getting in what you believe are you accurate contact details is making sure that those lines of contact function as they should too. It isn’t unheard of for links to be stripped and replaced, forms to have issues (especially on different platforms, operating systems and browsers) or for phone numbers to be re-routed to the competition or other businesses in different industries entirely. Sometimes this is accidental though there are all serious concerns that it is sometimes done on purpose. So test them out.

4. Timing

Timing is incredibly important for wholesaling homes in marketing. There is a huge difference in results depending on when campaigns are sent and received. This applies to time of day and day of week for emailing and Tweeting, working around holidays for direct mail and even the time of the month or year for other types of marketing. Get tuned in and test it.

5. Missing the Target

Not matching the message to the target recipient can be big problem. A great looking or sounding ad will flop if hitting the wrong prospects and ideal prospects won’t find your message resonates with them if it doesn’t include the factors that appeals or matter to them. There is no one-size fits all solution.

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