Billions In Capital Up For Grabs For Wholesaling Properties

Billions In Capital Up For Grabs For Wholesaling Properties

Tens of billions in capital for investor loans are coming up for grabs for wholesaling properties in the U.S. While you move to claim yours fast enough?

The housing market may be perfectly ripe for flipping houses, with more opportunity than ever seen before, or will be seen again by today’s investors, but many claim that they are short on cash.

Well, not anymore! Now there are really no more excuses. There is more liquid capital begging to be used by investors than we’ve seen in a long, long time, and lenders are beginning to fight over each other to get it into the street.

Hedge funds and giant private equity firms are now joining alternative mortgage lenders like hard money lenders and transactional funding companies to put their billions up for grabs as loans for investors.

As predicted it appears they figured out rehabbing and property management of thousands of single family homes was a lot more work than they anticipated.

Now they see the sense in simply taking a cut for funding other investors to do it. This is perfect for those wholesaling properties. You don’t have to deal with rehabbing, contractors, daily property management or tenants either.

These funds and alternative lenders are even loaning out their money at under market rates and better terms, with loan amounts starting at $2 million to $10 million. So it may not be for those with minuscule aspirations, but even if you are in a market flooded with cheap foreclosure homes at $10k a pop you can scoop up some pretty large swathes of a city with that kind of change in your pocket.

These lenders will even reportedly do the large loans as individual loans for easy flipping and reselling homes separately.

Others will put up the cash for deposits to lock down bigger deals and commercial properties while looking for end buyers and conducting due diligence.

So there are officially no more excuses about not having enough cash to get started or to hit your figures, all the money you want is out there for the using

Even better, this also means these mortgage heavy weights are out of the running as competitors to wholesalers over discounted properties. That means more breathing room and the potential for bigger discounts and profit margins.

This is your chance to build massive wealth in an incredibly short period of time; far more than most people’s goals and more than you may have imagined possible.

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