F2F 074: A Unique Six Figure a Year Strategy You’d Be Crazy to Ignore

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Cody Sperber Breaks the Bank with this One of a Kind Six Figure Strategy

I connect with one of Arizona’s elite real estate investors Cody Sperber.  Cody has done over $20 million in real estate transactions and he shares with us his latest ninja technique that’s allowed him to flip less deals and make more money.  Cody has found a way to make more money per deal thus allowing him to work less.  Love it!!

Imagine if you could do half the amount of transactions and make 10 times the money.  Well in this interview Cody will share his holy grain strategy of flipping houses using NO cash and NO credit.  This method fits in perfect with my philosophy because when you’re marketing for sellers, you’ll run across all kinds of situations.  Well what happens if you have a lead that comes in and the seller really wants to sell but the house is listed with a realtor and is in the process of being short sold.  This tee’s up the perfect situation for Cody’s method.

He also shares how plentiful these deals really are and how to specifically market for sellers in this situation.  It’s quite a unique concept and I know you’ll enjoy this interview.

To learn more about Cody’s Six Figure a Year Strategy Please Click Here

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