Evaluating the Value of Wholesaling Real Estate Courses

Evaluating the Value of Wholesaling Real Estate Courses

Is it really worth investing in wholesaling real estate courses, if so how do you judge if a given program is worth it and what criteria should you use to evaluate and differentiate between today’s line up of real estate investing gurus?

Today there are many types of wholesaling and real estate courses, different mediums to study them in from podcasts to live coaching and just as many real estate investing ‘gurus’ pushing their own brand of education.

Whether or not to invest in these real estate investing education programs has become a huge debate with some attempting the DIY approach and relying on their guerilla education from watching reality TV, while some just choose to dive in head first and others opt for full on coaching and mentoring.

So how do you choose between taking the DIY approach and investing in your education?

Perhaps the best question is what do you have to lose by not taking advantage of organized wholesaling real estate courses?

The doubters may be correct in the fact that there is a ton of free information out there floating around the web and in cheap old used books and even some tips to be found on TV. However, not only is this education incredibly fragmented and hard to discern between the good and bad, it normally barely reveals the tip of the iceberg of the real nuts and bolts and advanced information that is required to be truly successful in flipping real estate.

By taking the do-it-yourself approach to your real estate education you sacrifice speed, become vulnerable to all types of risks, mistakes and pitfalls, put your reputation on the line, and certainly won’t realize the best possible returns, lack focus and worst of all will likely create a model that cripples your future potential.

Clearly those that try and skimp on the investment in their education are actually doing themselves far more harm than good. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend wildly. It is all about business and ultimately about return on investment.

But, if investing in a quality wholesaling real estate course of coaching can rocket you to seeing results, help to avoid financially devastating pitfalls and increase the profits on every deal and the return on every hour invested that certainly delivers a lot of value and ROI.

This just leaves the question of which course or coaching program to take advantage of. There are so many self-appointed real estate investing ‘gurus’ popping up today. Who has it right?

Before investing in wholesaling real estate courses some of the important criteria you should consider includes asking:

  • Is it up to date?
  • Does it provide an actual system to follow?
  • What type of ongoing support does it offer?
  • How have others experienced it working for them?
  • Are these tactics and strategies that the coach is really using themselves?
  • Are their goals and systems a good match for you and are they living the dream life style you aspire to as a result of following the same advice?



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