F2F 036: Yellow Letter Secrets: How to Maximize Each Mailing For the Highest Profitability

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The Most Responsive Direct Mail Piece I’ve Ever Seen!!  The Yellow Letter.

The yellow letter is by far the most responsive direct mail piece I’ve ever seen.  I’ve tried postcards, big postcards, regular letters and fliers.  These methods get a measly 1%-3% response rate.  Now the yellow letter you can expect a 11%-15% response, which is amazing!!

In this episode I explain exactly what the yellow letter is, how it works so well and how to take the calls.  You learn:

1. How to take control of the conversation

2. How to answer this one question correctly (if you don’t you’re done).

3. How to determine motivation.

4. What to expect for lead to deal ratio.

5. How to squeeze out 2-4 more deals out of every mailing.

By the end of this call you’ll know why yellow letters are by far the best direct mail method and how to maximize each mailing for profitability.

Resources mentioned in the show:

Yellowletter.com – The original yellow letter.

GoFastInc – Talk to Kori and ask for the “Sean Terry Special”

Us Lead List – The inheritance List – Talk to Lance

List Source – Absentee Owners

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