F2F 088: [TGE 03]: Eric Hits a Wall and Runs Out of Cash…Now What? (you’ll be surprised what his does)

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The Great Escape: The First Ever Podcast Reality Show with Eric Thiele.

Episode #3 is here.  Eric hits a wall and runs out of cash to market.  How do you wholesale house when you’re broke?  Well in this episode you’ll find out how.  There are a lot of people out there that are struggling and want to make this work but have limited funds, so they give up or just make excuses on why they can’t make it work.

I can tell you, I’ve been there many times and YES it sucks.  But you’ve gotta bear down and apply more effort and energy than you’ve ever done before.  It is harder but very possible.

The good news is Eric got an accepted bid on a HUD property he’s putting together the paperwork to get his first deal under contract.

Eric’s Third Assignment:

1. Scrape Craig’s List, Back Page or eBay Classified for Sellers.

2. Pull a Small List from ListSource.com for say $100.

3. Hand write yellow letters.

4. Sell HUD property ASAP.

This has never been done before and you are going to learn a ton by following along with Eric and his progress.

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