F2F 109: Dean Graziosi’s SHOCKING Real Estate Market Prediction for 2014 and Beyond

Dean Graziosi Shares His Insights on the Current Real Estate Market and His #1 Strategy for Generating FAST CASH Starting from Scratch

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Dean Graziosi InterviewIn this episode I speak to Americas #1 real estate educator Dean Grazosi. In this amazing interview Dean and I speak candidly about his humble beginnings and what it took for him to reach the pinnacle of success.

Dean gave a very detailed comparison between a highly successful person and a unsuccessful person.  The primary difference between these two are the stories they tell themselves.  He explains how the story we tell ourselves on a daily basis will shape our lives, our future and our success. This was extremely powerful, especially if you’ve been struggling.

He also shares his #1 strategy that he and his students use to generate fast cash starting from scratch.  This strategy is not new by all means, but the results are amazing.

Now what shocked me was his real estate market prediction and how we have a small window to capitalize on this moment in time.  He shares why this time in history has never been experienced before and what specifically we need to do to take advantage of the current real estate market.

All in all, I came away with the fact that Dean knows exactly what he’s talking about and is very in-tune with the real estate market and the wants and needs of his students.

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