F2F 122: How An 18-Year-Old Kid with $180 Made More Than $33K in 60 Days in the Most Competitive Market in the Country » Jaelin White

F2F 122
Welcome, friends, to my awesome podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit – for real!

In this episode, we’re talking with an awesome kid, yep – a kid, Jaelin White, who, at 18, got started in the highly competitive Phoenix market… with an overdrawn account of negative $180, Jaelin made more than $33,000 flipping houses in just about 60 days using none of his own cash or credit.

This guy’s story will motivate you, inspire you, and probably encourage you to finally pull the REI trigger.

So let’s get going…

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What you’ll learn

  • What exactly wholesaling is
  • How an REI seminar changed Jaelin’s life
  • What Jaelin’s first marketing step was
  • Why you have to visualize and truly believe REI is going to work for you
  • Jaelin’s self-motivated pep talk
  • Jaelin talks us through his second deal
  • Jaelin’s advice for those who want to start in REI

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Intro:   Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, I’m your host Sean Terry.

Sean:   Hello again this is Sean Terry from the Flip2Freedom podcast, and we are on episode number 122. And if this is the first time you are listening I want to welcome you and let you know that this podcast is all about wholesaling houses. Flipping houses using no cash, no credit, I don’t care if you have any experience, or if you’ve ever bought or sold a property before. Maybe you are flipping through iTunes looking for something to listen to.

If you are looking to generate quick cash in real estate, using none of your own cash, and flipping houses, then this is the podcast for you. And we have an incredible success story from Jaelin White, 18 years old, who got started in the Phoenix market which is the market I’m in, a highly competitive market here. And this stud, had negative $180 in his bank account and in the past 60 to 90 he’s made over $33,000 flipping houses using none of his own cash or credit.

So if you are not familiar with what flipping houses is, or wholesaling houses, it’s literary where you have strategic marketing. Marketing for distress sellers that want to sell their property outside of the traditional means of listing with the realtor, maybe they are an absentee owner or they tend to trash the house, and they want to get rid of it. Maybe there was a fire on the property. Maybe it’s an inherited property and it needs a bunch of work and the seller wants to get rid of it.

Maybe it’s just a Junker that’s been vacant forever and they want to get rid of the properties, what happened in Jaelin’s case and you’ll hear the story about it. So the seller wants to sell, we have the ability to get the property under contract, that’s why we sign a contract with the seller. Now we don’t fund it, we don’t have to get a loan, we don’t have to get a credit check; we don’t have to go to a bank. All we do is literally sign a contract, we put our owner’s money down, typically of $10 is the owner’s money we put down on the property.

And now that gives us something incredibly important which is controlling interest in the property. A seller can’t sell a property to more than one person. So if you have control of that property via a purchase contract, that puts you in the driver’s seat in controlling what happens to that property. So in this particular case you can get a property under contract, let’s see you get under contract for 50,000, let’s say it’s worth 100,000 all fixed up.

And you turn around and you market it out there to buyers, and you are looking for cash buyers or buyers that will use private money financing, or hard money financing to purchase a property. And in this market right now, the whole market across the country is on fire. And it’s gone bananas, so what’s going to happen now is the buyer let’s say for $60,000 you put it out there. And you’ll sign a contract with the buyer for 60 grand.

And they are going to put a $2,000, $2,500 non-refundable deposit down. And now what you have is two contracts, you have a contract with the seller for 50, now you have a contract with the buyer for 60. Again no credit check, no funding, no cash – whatever, that’s it, now you have two contracts. Then you take those two contracts, you go to an attorney, you go to an escrow company, a title company. And what they will do is they will facilitate the transaction.

And you tell them you want to do what’s called the simultaneous clause, or what’s called the double escrow, or an assignment, where they will do what’s called a back to back clause, meaning that the buyer will wire in 100% of the funds, 60,000 wires in plus his closing cuts, of which 50,000 goes to the seller. So imagine 50,000 wiring into a title company or into– 60,000 wiring into a title company and attorney. Now the title company has 60 grand, what do they with it?

Well, 50 goes to the seller for the contract, and then there’s a difference which goes to you which is the $10,000. Now the cool thing is you can do this once, and guess what, you can make $10,000, or you could do it once a month and now you are making over 120,000 a year. What if you do it once every couple of months, what if you do it twice a year and you are making extra $20,000 or $30,000 a year just flipping houses in your spare time? Now what’s it going to take on your current job to get a $20,000 to $30,000 a year raise?

What’s going to take a lot of extra work, isn’t it? So this story from Jaelin White talks about how he — I mean he is 18, he had negative $180 in his bank account. He didn’t have a car. And he got started in a highly competitive market here in Phoenix, and went out and made $12,000 on his first deal. And then parlayed that in to over $33,000 which is amazing, his story is absolutely astonishing. And there were some incredibly key insightful points in there that is life altering, absolutely life-altering.

So again my name is Sean Terry and if you go to flip the number two freedom.com, flip the number 2 freedom.com, flip2freedom.com. If you go on there, you are going to see a cool beach scene on there, and you’ll see right in the middle where you can download my book. And I wrote a book it’s been downloaded over a half million times and I have had people tell me that they have spent well over a thousand dollars for the same information that is in that book.

Basically blueprints out, the exact step by steps to go from where you are, not knowing anything about real estate to going out and wholesaling houses, the industry and the process, the contract, the leads, talking to seller, the whole process, so you have it right there. I just start there, go to flip2freedom.com you can download that for free, and it’s awesome. So we are going to get right into the interview here with Jaelin White and talk to him about his experience coming from literally 18 year old nothing to getting amazing results, and I think you’ll be thoroughly impressed. So let’s go to the interview right now.

All right, we are back and we have a killer interview with you today. So if you are brand new, just getting started, and you are worried about a competitive market, this interview is going to rock your world. And we have a guy who is on the line with me; he is in our local market. He is in Phoenix, so I’m mailing 100,000 units a month, we are all over online, we’ve got — where the radio stuff, we are pretty much hitting everything– billboards stuff. And this kid comes in, went to one of our meetups groups and that’s basically got started and has been knocking it out of the pack. And his name is Jaelin White, Jaelin what’s up buddy?

Jaelin:  What is up Sean, I’m super excited to be here. I’m working trying to enjoy the heat a little bit, and that’s driving me crazy. So if anyone is listening you are not in Phoenix, you are blessed.

Sean:   Yes, it’s funny I just — yeah I just — in our office right here it’s cool, it’s a little complex and they have a bunch of restaurants in here, so I just walked over. There’s like a little sports bar right across the breeze way there and when you get over, you get Caesar salad. And it’s literally 112 degrees, and I was melting all the way over, all the way back which is terrible so.

Jaelin:  I know you can’t get anywhere without sweating, it’s ridiculous.

Sean:   It’s crazy, all right, so let’s get into the results. So first off Jaelin White and how old are you?

Jaelin:  I’m 18 years old, I had to tell quite a few people when I first started, because I was so nervous of my age that I was like 20, I fooled a couple of people, oh, 21, folks would like to fake it. But now I’m 18 years old, I just turned 18 last November, so I’ll be 19 this November.

Sean:   Okay, so 18 going on 19, right? And you are in the Phoenix market and what did you do for real estate before we met like the meetup?

Jaelin:  It happened really funny, my girlfriend’s dad actually heard like rich dad seminar being advertised on the radio. And so we went to this radio chat seminar, I had no idea what even real estate was, what you could do besides the fact that my parents had lost their house in foreclosure, and that’s what I knew about real estate. We went to this thing, and I’m just hearing all the stories you can make tens of thousands, I made three million dollars on a deal flipping a piece of land out at Hamptons.

So I was very interested and somehow by the grace of God, Brenda is my girlfriend and her dad decided to send us to the $300 seminar. And so I went to this seminar, and that was actually network marketing at the time. So it wasn’t much to learn. I’m like I don’t need this. I’m working along my $2,000 a month income with my network marketing company. And lo and behold the three days changed me.

And I went home, even though I tried to prove for that $30,000 education, they wouldn’t loan me the money, because there is even no money, no credit. But I went home with a big book that said how to make money in real estate or something, and I heard about wholesale. So I delved in, I went and dived in and learned all about it. I spent from like March till the end of April just in that book, just on podcasts and stuff, and then found myself in your meetup as I’m just getting into the market.

Sean:   That’s awesome. So we hold a monthly meetup here at our office here, and we invite everybody in. There’s new guys, there’s experienced guys. So I remember he showed up at the first meet up, and I will have the picture up on the website, but he looks exactly like Justine Beiber. So he’s got the hair going on, pride eyed, excited. And he comes up after the meet up and he goes, “Oh man that was great. I’m really excited to get started and get up and going. By the way can I sit in on your company meetings?” I’m like, “What? Who is this kid, right? Who is this kid that wants to come in and sit?”

And I was like, “That was nice. Obviously I said, “You know, those are obviously our company meetings. We go through stuff.” And I said, “I want you to just get started and get some deals. We can work together.” So what did you, how long ago was that? That was probably…

Jaelin:  That was the middle of May. I think like May 10th or something like that. Maybe even before that. It might have been the beginning of May.

Sean:   So it was like the second Wednesday in May. And then you took off for a couple of weeks. You went to Poland, right?

Jaelin:  I did, yeah. Actually and not to back track, but I actually closed my very first deal on May 18th. And I remember it because I was going to get my checklist, checked off from all my teachers. I switched online school for my second semester in my senior year. And so I could focus on wholesaling and network marketing and entrepreneurship.

And I remember walking, and just kind of a wire in my account for $12,000 walking through Kansas getting my things checked out like, “Oh, I’m gonna blush.” Because it just felt so, so real. So that was on May 18th that I closed that and I graduated high school on May 20th. And here we are. And then I popped out, you know, probably I already had made a commitment with REI like a year back and I was really expectant.

There was this so much momentum and explain talking to sellers. It’s a blur doing marketing and stuff. So I popped out from June. Actually I wrapped on May 21st the day after graduation. And I actually had already done another deal on the contract I partnered with you guys on, which I got the wire while I was in your office, which is awesome. And then I taught that part back into the US in July academics, set myself apart and back in business.

Sean:   So now we are in mid-August right now. So how much have you made so far since getting started?

Jaelin:  Well, I just closed a deal. I made $13,000. So I made $33,000 about for—and I gave a couple of discounts on buyers. So it would have been like $35,000, $36,000. But $33,000 and I feel very good about that because it’s been only about few months’ time which– and already it’s not enough.

Sean:   Yeah. You know, it’s amazing. Do you know that most– the average American makes $24,000 to $35,000 a year and they work all year, they work eight hours a day. They don’t take off and go to Europe. And they have to slave to a boss and stuff like that. And you come in and get involved in real estate in a highly competitive market, and you go out and get the deal. You get several deals and make more in a couple of months than the average American makes in a year. Isn’t that just insane?

Jaelin:  So it seriously it blows my mind. It absolutely blows my mind. And even like when I was chasing my first—because it wasn’t all just sunshine and rainbow, there was a lot fear, worry, “Is it going to happen for me. Is it possible?” I remember sitting in my room and I believe in love attraction. So I had a white board up and I’d write up my goals. And I have like a picture board where I put all my favorite people.

I had a Great Gatsby up there and I had a Ferrari stuff like that. And so I‘d sit in my bed like looking up at my white board saying, “Yes, is this real estate world too big for a little– Who I’m I to deserve to make more money in one month than my mum does in like two or three months as a nurse who went to college. Like who am I to deserve that?” But obviously that was a feeling I had to get over. And eventually it paid off.

Sean:   Awesome. I can tell you congratulations, that’s killer. So let’s get in the details now. So you went to the meetup, you got started and you decided– What did you do for marketing? What was the first thing you decided to do?

Jaelin:  The first thing I ever did was Drive for Dollars. And I remember it because it was like the featured thing in the book for Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is like you drive around, you look for vacant properties. You take down the address, you send direct mail. And so I did probably about 30 houses in a week or two and I didn’t have a car, so it was really difficult for me.

Sean:   So how do you drive for dollars with no car?

Jaelin:  Well, getting on your hands and if you borrow your girlfriend’s father and your grandmother to borrow of course. So I basically drive in different cars down there every single day. And I think I actually bought my girlfriend’s dad Camaro to go to the first meet up. I mean, let me do that which was crazy cool. So I guess eating—begging for cars, I definitely had to work around some obstacles to say the least.

But then I moved in from driving for dollars, and I got no calls. I was like, “Man, this is crazy. I don’t have a car, I need to find something where I can maybe have a car for one night.” And boom! Bandit signs! I remember hearing about the these things, we buy houses and I slapped them into the ground and stuff. And remember I was negative on $180 bucks in my bank account, while I was doing all this.

I wrapped my bigger pockets account, charge fee and I went negative on that. And then I had a few other things like I created a website or something which I never—I would not recommend doing when you are first getting started. Not overcharging and I– and before I knew it I was negative 180 bucks at my bank account. And so I found a job with a local real estate investor. I saw some of his bandit signs. And then I worked for my girlfriend’s dad, I helped him load his truck because he owns a little trucking business. I bought some 20 bandit signs and I put them out one week.

And then actually this was after I had already made my own bandit signs. I had put them out, got zero calls. And so I went and rededicated myself. These bandit signs are gold, which they literally are gold. But anyway I put them out and I was like “I’m getting a deal. I visualized. It’s $10,000 check,” which was like the craziest thing for me. I’d sit in my freaking room like, “Oh I’m going to get this check. I’m going to get this check. I’m going to get a call.”

And I dabbled around with wholesale by owners and stuff. So I already had been talking to sellers. I put these signs out and the next day, I get zero calls. And I’m crying and I’m like, “Maybe I should just go buy an X-box and go back to school.” And then the next day no calls, man did they take them down. The third day…

Sean:   How many did you put up?

Jaelin:  I put out 20 signs. 20 signs! 20 signs. It took me like two hours which I knew was nothing, because I’d actually put out some signs for a real estate investment who made some money—you know, did that for him. I put out 100. It took me five hours to do that. So I put out 20. It took me one or two hours. I was like, “I know this isn’t enough, but this is going to be enough because I’ve worked hard enough for it.”

And so the third day comes by and I’m just crying. I’m going to call my mom and say, “I want to move to Wisconsin, because I’m stranded here in Phoenix, no not really.” But anyways, the third day comes and I get a call from this guy who goes, “I want to sell my house.” I’m like “Oh cool. Why do you want to sell it?” “Well, I got it from my dad and it’s like a tradition for you here on Sean Terry’s podcast. And, all of a sudden he says, I’m like, “Well how much do you want for it? He goes “$25,000.” And I’m like, “$25,000! Are you kidding?”

So I looked at this deal, I see that it’s estimated $130,000. I’m like, “What? Okay, I will send you the contract right now.” And so I did and I got the contract. And this was a really rocky deal, my first deal was a junker. It was not even a house. It looked like it was going to fall down. And the cash buyers list, most guys told me this is a tear down. So I was depressed after that. I was like, “No! My first deal, but I’m going to make it work.”

So it took a couple of weeks with buyer, I got tied up by another wholesaler, my new biggest showed. Just a lot went on. And lo and behold, I went back and renegotiated with him, got him down at $15,000. And on the very last day on my contract, not kidding you, I get a call from this guy in Mexico. And he doesn’t speak English. He’s like…

Sean:   He’s in Mexico?

Jaelin:  Yeah, Mexico. He doesn’t barely speak English. He’s like, “Listen I want to buy your property, I found quite– You know, I don’t have a good Mexican accent but—“ Anyways he wants to buy it and I’m going crazy. I’m out golfing with my girlfriend’s dad. I got myself a free golfing session. I’m going crazy. I sent in the contract for $32,000 and his mom is actually– and his brother are buying the property here to go live in it. They want to fix it up and live in it. So I’m like, “Heck, yeah!” He’s got a deal. It seemed like God, just like everything up, excuse me, for that first deal on the very last day, May 18th was the day it closed, was the day my contract expired and we closed, and I got my wire that day.

Sean:   Wow! So you had no money, you had no car, you had obviously age is you’re 18 is an obstacle, and you had everything against you. You put out only 20 signs. And I tell people in Phoenix, I mean if you are in a highly competitive market, bandit signs are probably one of the best ways to get the highest motivated seller. Then you get a contract. You get it for too much and you can’t sell it. So then you have to renegotiate it, which he says yes to. And then find a guy in the last day. I’m impressed because that is a ridiculous story.

Jaelin:  Thank you, Sean.

Sean:   Here’s the interesting part, the interesting part for people listening is that, he visualized himself getting that check. He visualized, he used the love attraction. And I always say and I even talked about, we had meet up last night. And I said talk about the edge of, you have a guy that has all the things against him. And he had that belief, he had that vision, he had that visualization that he was going to make it happen.

And it’s amazing how the universe kind of lines up everything and has the right seller call you. Guess what, he could have gotten one of our postcards. He could have seen one of the tens of other thousands of bandit signs outside that are abridged across Phoenix. He could have picked up the yellow pages and called us. He could have seen a newspaper. There is tons of things this guy could have done, but he drove by your bandit sign at the right time. You put it in the right place and you got the call because of– That is incredibly important success trait that obviously being tenacious and persistent to get that deal done. So that is an amazing story. So on your– you want to go into your second deal?

Jaelin:  Absolutely. Yeah, my second deal, that was easy. That was the no-appointment, it wasn’t easy, but for me—It looks like I just get this call, and which by the way—to digress real quick, let’s digress. The guy had—or actually I had almost not put out the bandit sign. I woke up at five in the morning and I was like, “Oh, I’m too tired to do this.” But somehow, someway I went out and put them out.

So if anyone listening and you’ve been thinking I can hold it off. Don’t put them out. If you get a call and you scoop a $12,000 deal, you are going to be—you know, you are so happy, you just want a second time, slap yourself because you almost didn’t do it.

Sean:   Let me ask you a question, when you are at that point, which is interesting, you are at that point. You are lying in bed, it’s 5 o’clock in the morning and you had a choice. You had a choice to roll over in your warm comfortable bed and then go back to sleep. Or you had a choice to get up and then go battle the outside and go put out bandit signs. What did you tell yourself? Can you remember?

Jaelin:  Absolutely because it’s the same thing I tell myself every single time I want to not let myself do something. It’s that I only have so many days on this earth. I had a hard week where I was actually in the hospital the week that I was working on that deal. And it made me realize it’s just like we are gauged in each and every second. We can’t take that for granted.

And when I woke up that morning, I was like “I tell you what, it’s either I keep lying here and I stay normal, or I can get myself out of this little hole that I’m in because I have no course, got no money, I’m 18, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I want to be an entrepreneur, but I don’t know how I’m going to do it. So I can either lay here and accept no progress, or I can seize my soul and tell myself, ‘Oh my gosh man, this okay.’”

I feel like talk to yourself and tell yourself, “You are amazing for getting up at five in the morning.” So I set myself a little bit of that target. “Jaelin, you get up right now, you do that. You are a legit entrepreneur. Otherwise your second option, you can lay here, you can be a bum, be like every other 18 year old out there that’s just sleeping until 11, noon in May looking forward to high school graduation and partying in college.”

And all this happened in seconds. I was like “Oh, I got to get up.” And that’s conditioning, I believe that’s realizing that you are not entitled to every second you get on earth. As long as you make that confident in your self talk, that’s what allows you in a split-second decision where it’s not totally a conscious decision, but it’s all that conditioning you’ve given yourself in the past to believe that when it comes time to get up, you get up.

Sean:   It’s interesting. It took me 33 years to figure that out. And you figured it out at 18. And there are people listening right now that still haven’t figured that out. So when it comes to, do I send the marketing out, or do I get up in the morning, or do I get up an hour earlier, or do I take a step out of mediocrity to go out and pursue my dream, they choose the pleasure out instead of—.

And they associate pleasure with staying back in bed or just doing what they continue doing, because it’s easier to just be mediocre, to just accept mediocrity. It’s easier to just stay in the status quo. It’s easier just to be in the masses with everybody else. It takes courage, it takes guts, it takes going against the grain. It takes talking to yourself, that you can do it, that you are going to get out of bed. You are going to make it happen.

Because here’s the bottom line, the bottom line is if imagine if you didn’t do that. Imagine if you didn’t get that first deal, imagine if you decided to roll over and you didn’t put the bandit signs out. Imagine if you didn’t. What happens is that you continue making—and all of our lives are defined by the choices and decisions we make. So that was the choice at five o’clock in morning to either get up or just stay in bed, or get up and go make it happen, but our lives are defined by those choices.

So guys listening, you’ve got an 18-year old kid on the line that’s just killing it right now, because of visualization, aligning himself with the universal laws of love attraction, and he has the ability at such a young age to be able to make decisions that will impact his future. And it’s a lot of looking at what if you don’t do it. And if you don’t do it, what’s the impact going to be a month from now, two months from now, six months from now. What about two and three and four years from now. You might be continue doing this same thing.

There are some people listening right now that five years ago, their lives were exactly like they were today. They have the same money issues, driving the same car, they are having the same issues, dealing with the same boss, all the same stuff, and there’s nothing changed after five years. But then guess what, you know, something they have to go, “I’m so sick of this. There’s got to be a change and that’s where actions take place.” For you, you were just sick of being—you just didn’t want to be like all the 18-year old kids out there.

Jaelin:  No I didn’t. Absolutely. And Sean real quick I want to say this…

Sean:   Okay go ahead.

Jaelin:  Sorry– is that I don’t believe that this happens, this is a decision you make over five months is to be good at real estate also dive in. This is a split backing decision. If you want to be great and you want to be committed, if you want to break an addiction, you want be free and start work on it, you don’t work on it for months. You make decision now. “I’m going to go to the gym five days a week. I’m going to eat the right food. I’m going to stop smoking cigarette.” My parents just broke an addiction smoking cigarettes and they made the decision.

You just snap your fingers and you make the decision. You go on and put those bandit signs. You go on and write those letters at the kitchen table. You are going to what, to call Craiglist ads, make that decision and it’s that easy. And the momentum carries you, right?

Sean:   And the other thing is you’ve conditioned yourself so you don’t have a lot of– I mean everybody has fear of like what if it doesn’t happen, but you really had nothing to lose. You are like listen I’m a $180 in the negative, I don’t got a car. Just like let’s make it rain now you know so…

Jaelin:  Yeah, absolutely.

Sean:   So your second deal that you’ve got, tell me about, what did you do for marketing and that way?

Jaelin:  Okay so here’s the amazing thing, this deal was also from a bandit sign. And then like I said this one challenged me a little bit more. And I’m willing to negotiation and I did, like it’s all for me, it just gets me excited. And so this was the first time I got the go into the house and I didn’t know much about negotiations, because I wasn’t part of the academy yet. I became a part of it in like in June, and that’s when I got to learn all the best parts about negotiations.

But anyways I went on in, I get the call like 6:00 pm and I heard so much about do not let them schedule you for the next day or the next week, hit them then, go right then. And it’s 30 minutes to an hour, I popped up on the couch and start calling out like I’ll be there in 30 minutes. So I asked my cheating girlfriend if I could borrow her camaro, which I think helped on that note. Then I was 18, it gave me some confidence, now I feel better about it, but anyways I pull up to the house and I meet the nice, it’s a nice family.

They walk me through, I build the rapport and stuff, talk about the family, how they are getting their home, they’ve been paying two mortgages, so they needed to sell. And when it came down to it, luckily I had these — I knew what price I needed to get it at. We were talking in the kitchen which I know is a bad thing to do now. And I didn’t really know how to negotiate price and go for quantum stuff, I just wrote a number. I said, hey I’m paying off — I didn’t say I’m paying off full cost and fees and commission.

I was like hey, I’ll pay you $113,000 and they are like wow, I don’t know if you could do that, we owe 100, we need 20. And there’s tons of different ways to maneuver around those objections now and make sure it’s more logical. But back then, what was important is that I knew how to build a rapport. And so they liked me, I liked them, and once we were sure, I left them with the contract which again is terrible thing to do; now I know that.

And I went home and it’s follow up, follow up, follow up, texted them for the next couple of days, I said thank you so much for letting me walk through your home, I like the area, if anything changes give me a call, whatever. So anyways the beautiful thing, the deal closed, my other deal I closed. And I get a call from them right before I’m about to leave after graduation and they say hey, really you just sold the house? I would say a contract — I mean we will send you the signed contract right now.

You know it’s me, and we will give it to you for 113,000. And I was like, oh my gosh, the magic — and all the while, of course when I was visualizing this stuff and because this is deal was just as important. And they called me back, and they signed a contract and bam I got another deal. Follow up rapport and now the foundation is set, so that I can carry — I can get the education books from academy. I can get a car, I can start the business, re-invest, and that works so far.

Sean:   So what happened, so you got the deal, they signed the contract, but the next day you are going to Europe, so how did that play out?

Jaelin:  Now here is the beautiful thing, I remember hearing about this guy Sean Terry who I was absolutely the biggest fan of. And he said I get to work with him if I get a solid deal. And now the first deal I didn’t think it was really solid enough to send you guys, but the second deal definitely seemed like a good deal. And actually, I almost assigned it for $3,000; here he’ll make $3,000. Funny enough I remember Sean, oh, my gosh, so I get in — I call Paul Brent Siemens office cool looking car, awesome car by the way, gave him a call and he said, well, we’ll sell it.

And bam all over sudden I got an auction with him, he is like — I’m like what are you are going to sell it? He is like well 120, around 129 I think we can get. I’m like what? 129, I almost sold this thing for 116. He is like well, the market shows we can sell for 129 and bam that day I think it was — he called me that afternoon and said hey, man I got multiple offers on it, we might be able to push this thing above 129.

And we ended up selling this thing for 129 which was that I think I made eight grand on that deal. It was $16,000 split well between us two, and I was like whoa. And I got that wired up, all this happened while on a joint vacation with my family, and then in Poland the whole– that was cool.

Sean:   That is really-really-really cool. It’s actually the power of synergy, and so if you are brain new and you are worried about not having a buyers list, and not having something. If you get a good deal, you can try to market yourself, if you get yourself in a bind whatever then try to make a synergy or partnership with some of the other larger wholesalers in the market. And you can team up with them and do deal splits, and you could — typically they’ll take over the process, make sure you have the right documentation, everything, contrast in place you are protected.

But yeah, then you’ll get paid, and that’s awesome. So now you are out of the game, now you’ve got 12 and another ace you got 20 grand in a bank or 20 grand that you’ve made so far. And you are kicking, so what — and then you got another deal after that of course after coming back, and you’ve got more deals in the pipeline, which is super exciting. So where do you — you are 18 right now right, you’ve got — you are killing it. Where do you see this going for you?

Jaelin:  Well, I have had grey areas with other things. I lost $2,000 in the stock market when I was 17 which was literally not too long Sean. I was in network marketing, all these things that were just like wishy washy, I kind of liked them. And then real estate comes, and I absolutely love — I mean I pulled my first Colombo clothes on one of the contract I just got. Oh baby, when I turn around — I mean what was it, do you not like me?

And damn, it worked this thing out, and I got this fine contract on this guy who we signed his sweaty freaking house for like two hours, and I’m only going to make like $1,500 on that deal. Which I’m totally okay, with it because I just made a million dollars on that less than– anyways I hope you can hear and everyone that’s listening can hear, I’m excited about it. This is something that just gets your blood flowing when you let it.

It’s as beautiful as it, you can throw out some marketing, get a contract and all of a sudden you are about to make $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, on one deal or on multiple deals, like that. No education, no money, no credit, you don’t need anything. And so I’m so in love with this, I told my parents they were like well you should go to college and all this kind of stuff. I’m like well, this is my commitment, I’m still passionate about this, and it’s not even just the money, but I was talking to Brandon, your guy the other day.

As a kid, you need my help, I mean I would do it for free, I mean I just love it that much. And so I think when you let something stick in your blood like that, it carries a vision for the long term. So where do I see this going, I want to do $100,000 a month for a few months, have employees and stuff like that, and maybe scale big. I want to I mean I do not sound crazy, but I want to be the next Sean Terry. That’s… because this is awesome.

Sean:   Well, you definitely, you have the charisma and you have the passion, and the excitement for it. And you are way-way ahead of me when it comes to where I was 18. I think I was picking my nose though when I was 18.

Jaelin:  Hey we all still pick our nose on.

Sean:   No actually I joined the Marine Corps at 18, so I was …

Jaelin:  Thanks for you forever Sean.

Sean:   Yeah, I was getting my head shaved and down Paris Island growing up real quick. Okay, so now picture this person right here. So you’ve got a guy, girl, someone right there. They are kind of on the fence about real estate; they really haven’t done a lot. Maybe in their 25 to say 35 maybe 40 or whatever, they want to do it, but they don’t have a house, and they have kids and the commitments, and they have bills and stuff like that.

And they listen to this 18 year old kid that is obviously you have a ton of spark and enthusiasm and excitement, and there’s no obstacles or fear in the way. But you got this person stand there and they have these goals and commitment, they want to do real estate. But then they are stuck in their job going nine to five and commuting. What would you tell that person?

Jaelin:  You know what I would say? I would say if only you could look me in the eyes right now and see how silly I look. I mean you would never get, see me walking into a room, this kid makes tens of thousands of dollars buying and selling investment property. I would say look at me, look how below I am, I mean I feel like I had everything in the book against me. And then I say be grateful for what you have, because you were given all these great things, maybe there is someone listening who has beautiful eyes, maybe they got a great voice, may they got a freaking mind that just blows away everybody, but either way you have something that’s going for you, and all you need is one thing going for you.

And you feel grateful for that, you feel grateful for your family, you feel grateful for everything you have. You will allow this positive energy to start flowing. And then immerse yourself, because obviously this crazy little 18 year old kid, which that’s exactly what I am, a crazy nutcase little 18 year old kid, is making this money and seeing it, well Sean Terry the biggest guy doing 30 freaking deals a month.

And he is in there squeezing in some deals and doing business and doing it well, why can’t you, why can’t you? And that’s the most beautiful thing that there’s room in this market for everybody, and I have learned that coming in, and there are so many different fear, I mean uncertainty, all those things are reality issues. So when you feed yourself all the positive emotions, you realize what you are grateful for, you listen to Sean Terry’s podcast for six hours out of the tape which is what I found myself doing some time.

And you immerse yourself into the culture, and you truly listen to this again and gain. I was listening to other guy’s story which is why I’m so excited to be on this podcast. You listen to those stories; you get that energy of possibility going. And before you know it, you’re going to feel that clip work like oh my gosh. I got to put up that, I got to listen some more, I have got to go and you are not playing, you are not going to be able to lecture yourself and not take action.

And so if you are sitting on the fence, I’m begging you please for the sake of your own life, go forward. Because if I hadn’t gone forward, I would be your real depressed guy that right now. And that now my life has taken a whole turn so.

Sean:   You said something that is important is that why not. I mean if you can do it, then they can do it, and it’s funny because you are talking I almost like feel these different emotions of people going you got to be kidding me. So people — they are simply going what am I doing. Some people are going what the heck am I doing, I got to do this and some people are frustrated going aaaah, I just got to get this done.

So if your story inspires me, inspires the hundreds of thousands of people listening to this podcast and inspired them. And think about, what if you can just inspire one person that makes a decision, that gets committed, that feels grateful, that visualizes, that takes action, and they get results in their life, and they are able to get out of the rat race and quit their job, and they are able to just spend more time with their family.

And they are able to set themselves up financially and take vacations that they never thought they could take, and do things they never thought they could do. And create a legacy for them in their family, and that is possible like you said, it’s the energy of possibility, and you can do it. And anybody can do it, and you are definitely a…

Jaelin:              Anybody can.

Sean:   You are definitely proof. So you have been awesome, thank you so much for sharing your story and we will definitely hear more from you in the future. So we are going to put you on the spot, we are going to have you come back with more exceptional stories, because I know you are going to blow it out the park. Because you have the — everything is lined up, everything is right for you and you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, and I appreciate your time.

Jaelin:  Thank you, thanks Sean, yeah, I have had a great time on here and I hope anybody listening, thought I was crazy and definitely feel inspired to take action, thanks for having me on.

Sean:   All right, thanks man I appreciate it.

Jaelin:  Bye Sean, have a good day bye-bye.

Sean:   I’ll see you.

All right that was an amazing interview, Jaelin you rocked the house thank you so much for spending time with us. Guys, listen what are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Right, there is no time to wait, now is the time, real estate is on fire. Now is the time to get started, make a decision, make a choice, get committed, and rock the house. So go to flip the number 2 freedom.com, flip2freedom.com.

And then you can go there download my book for free, start there and we have 100 plus other different episodes and videos you can watch in the Flip2Freedom podcast. And it’ll teach you everything you need to go to — to go out and start flipping houses right now and generating some income. So thanks for your time and for listening, and I wish you guys the best.



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