F2F 146: PART 2- How Brett Buras went from $0 to $300K in 6 Months!



Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #146

WOW! Last week’s interview with Brett Buras was AWESOME! This week we are finishing up the interview with Brett and Part 2 is just phenomenal. If you missed last week’s episode go back and listen to that first. Just to recap; Brett is from Clearwater, FL and is sharing how he got started as a wholesaler. We heard about the events that lead him to start full time and now we are going to hear about how he is crushing it!

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If you missed the previous episode you can find it below:

F2F: 145 How Brett Buras Went From $0 to $300K in 6 Months!

Listen and enjoy

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Get Started
  • What to do When You’re not Getting Any Calls
  • Methods of Dealing With Out of Town Sellers

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