F2F 149: How a Disgruntled Fix & Flipper Turned Wholesaler Did 16 Deals His First Month & Over 100 Deals His First Year


Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #149

Last week we shared what Tyler Weitz did to build a million dollar business. Now I sat down with Alex Del Torre to hear his amazing story. Just to give you a quick glimpse into his story… Alex was a fix and flipper and if you’ve never done fix and flips it is very time consuming and cash intensive. You’re cutting checks to contractors every week and sinking money into a property and then waiting for your return after you close. So when he started in the Flip2Freedom Academy and began wholesaling things changed quickly! So get ready, cause this is a great story that I know you’re gonna love.

If you missed the previous episode you can find it HERE

Listen and enjoy

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Alex Closed 16 Deals in His First Month
  • Alex Explains His BIGGEST Secret to Success
  • How a Fix and Flipper Is Now Making Over $100K a Month
  • What You Can Do to Earn $10K in ONE WHOLESALE DEAL

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