Fear of Failure Keeping You From Wholesaling Homes?

Fear of Failure Keeping You From Wholesaling Homes?

Is fear of failure preventing you from reaping all of the rewards that wholesaling properties can offer?

It’s pretty widely accepted that investing in real estate and flipping houses in particular is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a good amount of money and build wealth. So why are so many still hesitating and how can any risks be reduced or eliminated?

Of course there are some that have failed to successfully realize all of the profits they anticipated from investing in homes. Some have even made a real mess of it. However, this really hasn’t been a result of a lack of skills or smarts or even start-up money. Virtually every case of any underperforming investor or failed real estate deal can be traced back to a lack of investing in their real estate education, failing to plan or neglecting basic common sense money principals.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend years going back to college to get a real estate degree or as an unpaid intern. It simply means recognizing the importance and value of picking up a good course and proven system that will allow you to effortlessly leap the pitfalls others have blindly stumbled into.

Besides, if there was ever a time to be bullish about real estate it is certainly right now. In fact, by any standards there has really never been a safer or more profitable time to get in, especially for those considering wholesaling houses. Talk to anyone, consult any investment expert or analyst and they will no doubt tell you that property isn’t just a good bet right now, it is the best investment of the moment, period.

For those still uneasy, perhaps the first question to ask is what the worst that can happen. If that’s simply ending up back where you are right now or not making any extra money and just coming out the other side with a little more knowledge, then what do you really have to lose? Or perhaps a better way to look at it is; can you really afford not to do it? What does retirement look like for you and what legacy will you be able to leave behind if you don’t start wholesaling homes?

For those that are truly timid investors it’s wise to differentiate between different investment strategies. Yes, taking a speculative approach to investment and buying high with the intent to hold and hoping for future appreciation, might not be the best move.

In contrast, wholesaling homes slashes that risk and means locking in profits up front. By leveraging other people’s money and even pre-selling properties there is very little risk.

Fear can be good. It can help you identify where you need to build more knowledge and do more planning, but it is often also an indicator that you are on the right track. Remember you absolutely must move out of your comfort zone if you want to get ahead. So embrace it, conquer it, and claim your victory.

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