F2F 080: Newbie to $71,285 in Less than a Year and ALL the Juicy Details of How He Did It :)

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Brand New and Skeptical to Replacing his $65,000 a Year JOB!

In this episode I interview Brian G on how he replaced his full time income by flipping houses only working 2 hours a night from the comfort of his couch. He shares in detail on exactly how he was able to work around his JOB and flip houses at the same time. He tripped across the Flip2Freedom Academy less than a year ago and has had a blast flipping houses in his spare time while make a small fortune.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

1. How he turned from skeptical to a believer in less than 3 weeks.

2. How he managed him marketing money with the profits he made.

3. The #1 secret on WHY he was able to do so well and how you can apply it to your life.

4. He shares the $31K Deal from start to finish.

5. He also explains the how he made the easiest $9,000 he’s ever made.

Here’s proof of Bryan $31,939 deal he just closed on 1/27/12

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