F2F 130: Got Confidence? If Not Listen to This… (Coaching Call Insider)

F2F 130

Welcome, friends, to my podcast series that’s all about wholesaling houses… flipping houses using no cash, no credit. Yep, it most definitely can be done!

In today’s episode, we’re talking about confidence, which is absolutely paramount to your success as an investor.

You need confidence in yourself, confidence in the business, confidence so you can speak correctly to your buyers and sellers so they want to do business with you, and, simply, confidence to do deals. Listen in to learn why confident is a must, and how you can build your own confidence.

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What you’ll learn

  • How house flipping really works – when you hear it like this, you’ll be saying ‘I want in on that, today!’
  • Why Sean says you’ve gotta have thick skin in REI and, specifically, if you knock on pre-foreclosure doors
  • Sean explains what the problem with his own attitude was when he first started investing
  • How a Realtor’s advice about REI really took the wind out of Sean’s sails, and what he learned from that experience
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to just anybody and everybody else’s opinions about your life
  • Don’t be lukewarm – be this instead
  • After super success, why Sean had to go back to the basics, start over and what the difference was that enabled him to reach success again
  • Why confidence is key
  • What Sean says the only difference is between him and newbies – and how newbies can be like Sean

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Intro:   Welcome to the Flip 2 Freedom Podcast. I am your host Sean Terry.

Sean:   Hello again, this is Sean Terry from the Flip 2 Freedom Podcast and we are on episode no. 130. Now if you are just joining us for the first time, this podcast is about flipping houses or what’s called wholesaling houses where you market for distress sellers, you get properties under contract and flip them to cash buyers. Now, here’s the deal, is that I have hundreds of different episodes that teach the exact process. Amazing! I just did an interview with a guy who is 23 years old me and made $350,000, $350,000 flipping houses at 23 in Miami, Florida. That’s episode 131 that’s coming up, so make sure you subscribe to this podcast, because you are absolutely going to love it.

Now if you are not familiar with wholesaling houses or flipping houses or how to do it, essentially what we are targeting only 5% of the population. The majority of everybody you and I know are going to sell their house through traditional means listing it with a realtor. 5% of the populations are distressed and we can target those 5% and help them out of their situation. I’ve had a lot of distressed sellers, they gave me hugs, they you know, sent me videos, their thank you so much for helping them out of their distress situation and their houses a massive burden and were able to help these people out. So the bottom line is let’s say you theoretically have $10,000 house and you market it and find a distress seller and you sign a contract?

Now, I didn’t fund it, I didn’t get my credit check. All we did is sign a purchase contract. I put earnest money down of $10. So I sign the contract with $10 earnest money for $50,000. Then I went out and I found a buyer, the strategic way is to find buyers. So you find a buyer for $60,000, right here with the contract with the seller for 50, now you have one, a contract with a buyer for $50, you bring him to a title company, a closing agent, an attorney, depending on what state you are in, and instruct them to do a double escrow or assignment and what will happen is the buyer will provide 100% of the funds, $60,000 of which $50,000 goes to the seller.

So they are happy, they didn’t have to pay real-estate, commissions, closing costs or fees, they didn’t have to fix anything and they close quickly. And because you put those 2 together you get the difference which is $10,000. Okay? Now, $10,000, now I have people that have followed my system, they have done this and they do this is 10 times a month and made this over $100,000 a month. Now, you might be thinking, holly cow, that’s impossible, there’s no way it can happen. Yes it can. What if you just did one a month? I mean $10,000 a month; you just did that over the next 12 months. What would it take on your current job, right, to make an extra $120,000 a year at your job? So you may be thinking, hey I don’t make $120,000 a year. Well, continue to listen about this.

Now, this particular podcast episode, I took a segment of our life coaching calls that I do every 2 weeks, for members of our Flip 2 Freedom Academy and members of our other programs like 12k and 37 Days. So what happens was, that I do a call every 2 weeks, I get on to answer questions, I talk about properties, I talk about what’s going on. In this topic that I talked about is confidence, confidence in yourself, confidence in the business, confidence so you protrude your buyers, confidence to protrude your sellers and confidence about doing deals, in confidence in this opportunity. What happens is that I sit there and I talked about confidence.

So this is a segment, I took it about a short segment out of a coaching call, of the meat, talking about confidence and about doing this business. Because guess what? It is a business and like I said, I just interviewed Raoul out of Miami, $300,000, $350,000 at 23 years old. One of the biggest things that he said was that he runs a business like a business. This is not you are just going to get in and throw some mail out and talk to some valid sellers and cross your fingers and hope you get rich. This is a business that you build, and he treated it like a business and that’s why it had the success he’s had. So what I am talking about, in this particular episode is the confidence in treating your business like a business and being able to go out and get the results that you want, but don’t do it by sticking your toe in the water.

Don’t stick, yeah, you’ve got to pull and you are sticking your toe in the water and you are checking to see if it’s cold and you put your foot in and you are like, let me just taste the waters out. This is not an opportunity to taste the water. The real estate market is on fire, right now. Okay? So you don’t just stick your toe in, you jump in you get submersed in this thing and you get to suck it up and going and now it’s the time. So go ahead and listen this segment right here from the coaching calls that we did last week. I know you are going to love it, it’s about confidence and it’ll give you the inspiration to take the next step without fear. All right, I’ll see you in the inside.

All right, so, what are going to talk about today? You know, I started thinking back, you know, when I first got started and I started this business, and if you don’t know my whole story or you know, what happened and stuff, but I started this business essentially twice, right? Back in 2003, I was 33 years old and I had a job that I hated, you heard the whole story, got started and when I started it at that point, I didn’t know, this was the time when I didn’t know anything about real estate. I didn’t know anything about how double escrows worked, how assignments worked, we didn’t have transactional funding back then. I literally bought this course when this guy talked me to go knock on pre-foreclosure doors and if you do that, you’ll find motivated sellers and if you do that, you can potentially get them under contract.

I didn’t have buyers, I didn’t know what a buyers list was, I think this was before Google or even knowing anything about the internet. I think maybe Google was around, maybe Yahoo was around, but it was about at a point time, when there wasn’t a lot of education. Like YouTube wasn’t out yet, like you can go on YouTube and learn stuff. The only way I could learn really was through books and try to learn information or this course that I had that thought you know, how to go knock on pre-foreclosure doors.

Now, I don’t suggest that, because that is very difficult to do, knocking on pre-foreclosure doors. Now, if you want a deal, and you want to get a deal now, and you don’t have a lot of money for marketing, get a very small list, the pre-foreclosures, they are about to go to sale, they are a month away from going to the court house depth, go into sale and then go knock on those doors before the deal. But, I just got to tell you that you have to have thick skin. You know, like a rhino. So a rhino has thick skin, a rhino’s skin is that like that thick, you can shoot an arrow at it, you can go into their skin and stop and it won’t affect the rhino whatsoever.

The problem is when you are brand new and getting started, you have very thin skin so when someone’s at the door you knock on the door and they say: get out of here you jerk. What happens is, you might put your tail between your legs in the back of your car and you go, forget about this, I quit. So I just recommend you to have thick skin if you try to do that but if you want to get a deal and you want to get a deal now, then I build my entire first year, made $134,000 strictly on doing that, on knocking on pre-foreclosure doors. I would go knock on pre-foreclosure doors, I get a deal, I take it through the process, I’d sell it, I get a check and go back to knock on doors, I just had this thing. It was before I discovered, you know, discovered marketing.

So, the bottom line is that, you know, when I first started, I was, I had and I won’t talk about confidence right now, and then getting started, I talk about what happens if it’s not working, what can you do? So when it comes to confidence, I didn’t have confidence when I first started. I wasn’t able to overcome objections and talk to the sellers and walk in there with confidence and I was a spineless mealy-mouth, winning with that was just, well it was me, right? And I got this list, I knocked on the doors and I hoped I could find any deals and the sellers don’t want to sell to me and I had this pathetic attitude, right?

And I was, you know, and things sucked, you know, came from a job where I was, living to a month a month and things sucked and it was mostly my mental attitude that was just so messed-up that, you know, I basically, you know, instead of having the mightiest touch, everything that I touched, turned into mud, right? Instead of everything I touched, turn into gold, everything I touched, turned into disaster. So I took that on and I looked at this and I tried things before, I tried, you know, commodity investing, I tried penny stock investing, I tried, you know, all sorts of different stupid things to make money and they all didn’t work.

So this guys on the radio talk about how you can flip, you know, foreclosures and how these guy are making checks and you know, yeah, all some are good but it wasn’t real to me, because I tried these things before and it didn’t relate. But, I was so dissatisfied, so you know, upset about my situation, I wanted it so bad that I had to do something, I had to give it a try and I think what it was, you know, when I knocked on pre-foreclosure doors, I didn’t have the confidence to walk into a seller and stuff. So, but what I did have was basically, I was tenacious and I wanted so badly out of the current situation and I didn’t know I could do this. I talked to my father-in-law.

My father-in-law is one of the most positive guys, he’s a great support, he’s awesome. But he didn’t’ understand this concept, so I sat down with him and I remember we were in the back patio and we were sitting and talking and stuff, and he was telling me about business and this thing and the other and he’s going, and he said: hey. I said: hey, I found this opportunity, these guys are talking on the radio, I said oh my gosh, we can become this and I can flip a house and make 5 grand in a week, in a month or whatever, 10 grant and whatever it’s amazing.

And he goes, well, you cannot sell a house you do not own, you know that, right Sean? And I was like, the guy said you can get it on a contract, but he was, you know, you can’t do that, you cannot sell if you don’t own the house; you can’t sell a house you don’t own. And that stopped me and my tracks, so I was like, I never thought of that, I didn’t know you cannot sell a house you don’t own. I didn’t know that, right? This guy said on the radio. And he goes, it might work with some other, I don’t know that, but he goes, what I suggest you do is talk to, and he is a part of the Kiwanis Club and he goes, hey you know, go talk to Ted and Ted, you know, he’s been a realtor for 20 something years, could give you a real good perspective on what you can and cannot do.

So what I do, I called Ted and said: hey, Ted, how is it going? I said, listen, I said, you know, I got this course and talks about knocking on pre-foreclosure doors and you can get deals, and you can tied them up and you can sell them quickly and you can flip on doing this double escrow thing and your assignment thing and you know, is that possible? And he goes, you know, he goes it is possible but it’s very unlikely. The problem is, is that all the professionals get those deals. He goes, there are big huge companies that all they do is that they market for the sellers and they are the professionals that’s going to get those. The chances of you getting a deal like that is slim to none. So he goes, you try it, you can try to do it, but don’t get your hopes up. That’s what he said.

Now, I took that information and was I bummed, right? Because what happened was, I was like a balloon, right? I was excited, oh my gosh, holy cow, this is amazing, I am sitting on all foot and I was like… I am like, “This is amazing.” And then I talked to my father-in-law, “Pffft, pfft,” like I kind of deflate. And then I talked to the Realtor and he just pops the balloon, right? And it’s done and all the air just goes out of me, you know, because I was excited about this course, it took my last, you know, I had my wife had her first premier credit card for 250, I had the first premier, I gave her the credit card, I was so excited, I was going through, I was talking to them and then boom, I was so excited, and then boom, they just burst my bubble, it was done, right?

And I am sitting there and going, I just wasted 500 bucks, right? Now, here’s the thing I learned, it’s incredibly important, right? Be careful; be very careful who you listen to. Be very careful who you, of the opinions of people you take. Be very careful, I heard a story once, where you know, this guy, right? And you know, and he actually, he was me back when I was 18 years old and I worked at the pizza joint and there was this guy at the pizza joint that worked there, and I was like in high school working at this pizza place, right? And this before I joined Rain Core and did all that out.

So I go on this pizza place and we are sitting, and these guys were working at the pizza place, for a long. He was like, you know, this is like the pizza place. This is South Burlington, Vermont, right? Where I’m from. And it’s called Zachary’s pizza. So Zachary’s pizza was the hangout, all the kids went there, everyone hung out there, it was like, it was the place, it was like family place, everyone went there for pizza. It was like the best pizza in town. And so I worked there and this guy worked there, all right? His name is Ed and he worked at this pizza joint and so I am sitting there and I am talking to Ed and he is like the guy teaching me how to cut the pizzas and cook the pizzas and do that to the pizzas. And he was sitting there and he is giving me advice, right?

Now Ed, picture Ed, he has his coke-thick glasses, he has his pants pulled out about his, you know, belly button out there, his shirt’s all nasty, he’s got pizza all over it, you know, he’s kind of really not, you know, he’s not cleaned up himself a bit, you know, so this is it. So I am going, you know, Ed, what was going? So he starts giving me life advice. You should do this with your life, and you should do that with your life, and you should do this with your life. And you know, if you do this, and you might have and he started giving me suggestions, and you know what? I started listening to him, I said: oh, maybe I do this.

And then, the owner of the pizza joint came up and he was incredibly successful he owned, Mr. Zachary owned Zachary’s pizza and he came up and he goes, why you listen to that? I was like, what do you mean? He goes, why would you listen to Ed unless you want to be Ed? See if you listen to Ed, and you do what Ed says, you are going to be Ed and I looked at Ed with the pants off in, his coke glasses on and he is sitting there like and he is like, oh pizza? I didn’t want to be Ed, at all. I didn’t want to be Ed, right? So the point of the matter is, you know, look at who you are listening to, right?

Whoever it might be, me or whatever, and see if they have what you want. Find someone that has what you want, do what they do and get what they got, right? That’s just the bottom line. So when it comes to this business game started, I am sitting there and I am going, holly cow, and I looked at Ted, right? And I looked at my father, like my father-in-law he was like, successful and great, but he just didn’t know, didn’t have the specialized knowledge, but Ted knew. Now, you know, Ted was this dynamic and successful realtor, but I just didn’t want to be, you know, I didn’t want to be him, you know.

So what I did was, I just put my head down and I stopped listening to other people’s opinions of people that I didn’t want, I didn’t validate those. I mean, I listened to them and then i rolled them off and I focused on what I wanted to happen. And I went out and I said, I am going to go bananas for a month, I am just going to, I am going to knock on these many pre-foreclosure doors I possibly can. I don’t care if my knuckles are bloody, if I had to get up early, if I have to stay up late, if I have to do whatever I have to do to make it happen. Now, in my view, I am working around the job, I have a full time job, so on breaks I will go, after work I go, I wake up early on, on weekends I go knock. All weekend, right?

I mean I didn’t have time to hang out by the pool and you know, I didn’t play with the kids, I was on a mission and my mission was to go out and get that first deal to prove that it would work. Because they told me it wouldn’t work, I couldn’t do it. So I was like, you know what? I am going to knock and I knocked and knocked and I found my first deal. And the guy stood me up 3 or 4 times, finally it was like, 7:30 at night, and this is May of 2003. I go over to the guy’s house and he is there finally and I am shaking. I mean I had a contract from Staples, I walk in there and I am sitting there and shake, we’ll walk around the house, the place is all dark and I am afraid the guy is going to shoot me or something, I am like jeez, right?

Now go in the back yard and this pool is empty, it’s just like trashed you know, and I am sitting there and I didn’t know how to write a contract, I just basically wrote it up, for like $86,000, I didn’t have comps, I didn’t have the internet, I didn’t have whatever. So I called Ted and said hey, you know, what are things going forward, and I drove around the neighborhood and looked at the other properties and houses were going for about $130,000 and I got a contract for $86 so then I went through the newspaper and I found this guy that had, was basically had all these properties, he was lease-optioning, right?

So I called him up, his name was Chad. I said: Hey Chad. I said I got this property and I don’t know if you are buying more properties but I got this property and I am looking to sell it about $96-$97,000, can you come and look at it? So he came over, he came and looked at the property and walked through, you know, so I had to schedule with the guy, which was difficult. I had to schedule with him, we meet at the property, then we had to walk around the property, you know, and then we drove back down and went to McDonald’s and we sat at McDonald’s and I said I need a $2,000 earnest money.

He negotiated me down to $1,000. And I got $1,000 and I turned around and I didn’t know I put in the title. And I just crossed my fingers, I literally crossed my fingers and I was praying that this title company, her name is, Barbara Bass, which was first title lady that did a double escrow. So I crossed my fingers and I said, okay, I got 2 contracts, I don’t know how this works, you have to walk me through and she walked me through the transaction. So she had wired in, you know, all $97,000 and then I came in to sign, the seller came in to sign, that and boom the transaction happened and Chad got the house for 97,000, the seller got his $86,000 and I made $11,008. And that changed everything for me. I mean it changed everything for me, because it validated this work.

So I got to tell you, is that first off, you know, is that, this works, that’s why we have the podcast with the people so you can listen to them, we have the success story on the page. This works. It’s not whether it works; it’s the matter do you work, right? Because you can’t it doesn’t work, because it’s already proved that it works. So don’t question the opportunity, right? It already works, the question is do you work? Do you have what it takes to go out and make it happen, and beat the persistent and overcome? You can’t be lukewarm, right? In the Bible, what God’s say is either you are hot, you are cold, right?

But if you are lukewarm, going to spill you out of my mouth? What does that mean? That means you can’t be wishy-washy, spineless…trying to see the world, to see if it works. No, right? The bottom line is you are either hot or you are cold. If you are in, be in. I told that to my daughter, she plays it up, she is a number one, she is a junior in high school, number one Varsity player on the team, right? And he opponent, I mean not her opponent, her doubles partner was sick, and you know, I was like, listen, you know, I was like talk to the girls, and I was like, listen, you know, if she is sick, then go out, be done.

And if you’re sick and you can’t play, don’t play, I get it. But if you are going to play and that’s a decision you are going to make, go all out, even though you are sick, give everything you got, right? Don’t be, “I am just going to try it.” Uh-uh, either you are in or you are out, right? And it was the saying in Jerry Maguire; it is not show friends, it is show business, right? The bottom line is that you got to go on and so when it comes back to confidence, so that was when I first got started, I could say that I didn’t have confidence, I Kind of didn’t know. Then I went out in 2003-4-5-6 I built a multi-million dollar business, made millions and millions of dollars, buying, you know, 120 rental properties, sold them in the height of the market and the money was coming and it was like insane.

Now it was ‘06 and then, my smart move is that I sold all 120 rental properties in the height of the market in 2005 in Phoenix it was crazy. And then I reinvested millions of dollars into land in 2005, 6 and 7 into land, right? We bout these parcels of the land and I started an entitlement company to basically buy the properties and entitle them, meaning I rezoned them, re-plated, reengineered, got all the utilities, got to work with the civil engineers, worked with the city council, because I was a big dude, look who I am now. Now I am a developer, right? And I got 2 big for my breaches, right? I was 22, you know, and then the market crashed, so that the way you value land is the home to land value ratio is typically about 25% for a finished lot.

So if you have $100,000 house, $25,000 for finished lot, you back out the finishing cost and that’s what the plated engineer would go for. So we are buying the land, platting it, engineer it, takes about 18 months to 2 years and then we are going to sell it to a builder for the price. But the problem is we bought as the market was going down and we got crushed, right? Thank God we didn’t felt bankruptcy or I didn’t do anything like that, but I had, I was in a tough situation where all my money was invested in properties and I was liquid. And I got a very, very tough situation, I had no cash whatsoever and I was freaking out, right?

So I went back to the basics and I went out and I knocked on pre-foreclosure doors and I hand wrote letters from my kitchen table, yellow letters. I got a small list of a couple hundred names and I turned around and I handwrote letters and I mailed 25, I wrote 25 letters a night and I went out and I turned around and I mailed those out every single night. And a seller called me but here’s the difference, is that I was bad, I mean I had 35 million $ worth properties all over and I was negotiating with all these different lenders, this and the other and my money was tied up and I was stressed out to the max.

But you know what the difference was? The difference was, is that confidence. So and I want to tell you this, if you are not confident, that’s okay. Okay? Right? Because the seller doesn’t know, the seller doesn’t know. If you are not confident, you are the only one that knows. So what can you do? If you are not confident, you can act as if you are confident. So I was in a struggling situation, I am sitting there and I walked in, I got my money and I said, “Listen. I am going to walk in there and I am going to walk with the seller like I have 10 billion dollars in the bank, billion dollars in the bank.”

And you know what? I am going to go in and I am going to negotiate like there’s no tomorrow and I am not going to leave without the contract, period. That was my attitude, so I walked in with the seller I sat down and I was, hey, I was super nice. I wasn’t a jerk, I shook their hand and I talked to them, I built a report and I listened, I was genuinely interested in their story and how I could help the situation but when they said they want to think about it, I said: what do you want to think about? Let’s see what you think about, I am sitting right here and listen, if I leave right now and you have a question, you are not going to be able to ask that question because I am not going to be here.

So why don’t we do this? What specifically you want to think about? Do you want to think about the contract? Do you want to think about the process? Do you want to think about the price? Or do you want to think about me? Is it something I said, or is it something I did wrong? You don’t like me. Does my breath stink? What’s wrong in here? So what is it? What out of that you want to think about? Well, I want to think about the price. So listen, I told you an offer, I showed you the repairs that need to be done, I showed the house in the area, you know, this is a price where do you need to be to get this deal done today? So it goes. Well, you know I need to be at X. I said, “How did you come up with X?” Like, “I came up with X because I have to pay this, and I have to pay that and I have to do this.” “Well, you understand Mr. Seller, I completely appreciate you have to pay those different things and I understand that, but that’s completely irrelevant to what the property is worth. So let’s figure out how we can do this instruction so you can handle some of those or most of those obligations but also still be able to sell the house, because you want to sell the house, otherwise you wouldn’t call us, right, Mr. Seller? That’s what you told me, right?”

“So the difference is, I want to buy, you want to sell, so we are going to be able to take care of these obligations, do what we can do and if we can get that and take care of and figure the way to do it, are you willing to go today?” Yes. Boom, commitment. Okay, good. Now, let’s figure it out. So let’s talk about these other things. Now we are getting to the group issue. See what happens if you go, let’s think about it and the seller, because the seller just wants to make a decision. I want to think about and you go: maybe I’ll follow up with you in a week, right? Thanks for playing, you are done. I come in and I get the deal done. Why? Because I walked in with confidence and I know exactly what I want. I am not going to take any objection, I am completely nice about it but I am tenacious and I am going to get it done.

So, when you look at the situation right here, I work through them, and say, you know, what? Yeah, look you have a $25,000 pool loan that’s on this thing right here and your first is in foreclosure. Now, Mr. Seller, what if we take care of that loan, I’ll turn around and I’ll talk to the pool, see if we can negotiate that down, I’ll take that on, on the property, would that make sense? Would that work for you? See now, we got $20,000 off, we’ll take care of that. Now, if you know, you got your first property in foreclosure, I mean, first lean in foreclosure, second lean, everything is going to be whipped out.

You can negotiate those pennies on the dollar but he was worried about that $20,000 so I took that off the place, and see what else you got. He said, well, I got this credit card bill, over here for $18,000. You got 18,000 for that credit card bill, but listen, you are in foreclosure over here, you can negotiate that so it’s pennies on the dollar. So you probably get that down for probably like 20 cents in the dollar, boom, $36,000 bucks, what else you got? Boom. And guess what? I started negotiating, working with them, helping them solve their problem and getting the deal done today. Because there is no tomorrow, you walk out that door, there is no tomorrow with the seller.

So let me ask you a question, think about all the appointment you’ve been on, right? Past appointments. Have you been tenacious, graciously tenacious? Have you bee, I am going to do it everything it takes to get this contract. You have an attitude walking in, I am not going to leave, I am going to camp out in their kitchen if I have to, but I am going to find a way to get this deal done. Why? Because they called me and they want to sell. And they need to sell, or they want to sell and there is a situation, we got to get it done and we got to get it done today. What can we do to get the deal today? I drive; we drove all the way over here. I got in my car, right? I got all the way down here; you said you want to sell. I am the one who want to buy. Okay, where do we have to be to get this deal done today?

Now, sometimes, sellers are just completely, you know, they, I want $300,000 when the house is worth $200,000, is what it is. You know what I mean? Is what it is. You know, but if they are completely in, but I am going to make them justify, how did you come up with $400,000, with a house down the street? What do you mean, a house down the street that hasn’t sold and it’s like 500 square foot for bigger? That’s not a comp, you understand that, don’t you Mr. Seller? You realize that’s not a comp, right? A comp is when a property is sold, so what are other justifications that you talked about here, because I don’t get it, you know.

So that’s, confidence, confidence is key. Confidence is walking in there knowing you are going to get the contract, no matter what, whatever it takes, right? And if you people will go, I want 6 appointments and I tried and they didn’t work. I guarantee if I go to 6 appointments, I am going to walk out with at least 3 or 4 contracts, right? So what’s the difference? The difference is education. Education is, I mean, it’s education, understanding you know, the process is being tenacious and it’s confidence going in, right?

So that’s why, you know, I am advocate of personal development, learning to become better, to be more, right? And people will go, I’ve tried all these different things, and then tried these different things and it doesn’t work. No, you don’t work, right? Because this works, that’s why I got all these success stories in this podcast, all these videos of people showing their checks in different podcast, it works. Back to that again, right? So don’t tell me it doesn’t work. Look in the mirror and say you know what? Am I good enough? And you might go, “Well I don’t talk like you,” but what if you could? What if you learned to? This is a learned trade.

Like I said, when I first got started, I was a spineless weaning mouth whining, “No, I can’t. What if it does or it doesn’t work for me?” I was the same way and then I got pissed. I was like; I am going to make this happen, no matter what. I was so sick of being broke, I was like, what does it take? Whatever it takes. So, first, I mean, confidence is the key. It is key, key and if you don’t have it, if you don’t have it, act as if. Fake it. Fake it for when you walk in with the seller or you are dealing with a buyer, whatever the case may be that time? Take a deep breath, say a prayer to God and go God please help me through this, give me the confidence, go through this thing and nail this appointment, right? Ring the door-bell, hey Mr. Seller, how are you doing? Nice to meet you. Act as if.

And guess what, if you act as if, they don’t know that you are brand new, they don’t know that you’ve never done a deal, they don’t know this is your only 3rd appointment you’ve ever been on with the seller> They don’t know. Only you know, unless you lead it on and go on, this is the first time and you know, I really don’t know what I am looking for. No. You walk in with authority, like you know exactly what you are doing, okay? That’s why we have these trainings and this information and all this stuff so you can go devour it and learn it and give you the entire steps and the process so when you walk in there, you know exactly what you are doing. Period, right?

Now, you might not execute exactly the same way, but how do you become a master at something? You become a master and doing it over and over it’s sad, that to become a master it takes 10,000 hours of doing one thing to become great at it. 10,000 hours. So you got a guy who goes in there and he goes, I went through the training and I talked with 3 sellers and it doesn’t work, really? Go talk to 1,000 sellers and if you don’t get a contract after 1000 sellers then you have the right to quit. You have the right to quit. But don’t come to me and go, tried this and it doesn’t work and you’ve only talked to 4 sellers and you’ve only sent 500 postcards.

That’s stupid, okay? Nothing, I don’t care what you get in, I don’t care what business you decide, you don’t go buy a McDonald’s, you know how much a Quiznos cost? A Quiznos cost $250,000 so you put, and the problem with this, barrier of entry into this real-estate, you can sign up for 1,000 bucks, you can get a product and learn it. It’s not high enough. If you had the right to check for $100,000 to get started, you’d make it work, no matter what. You do it. A Quiznos cost $250,000; you have to stroke a check for 250,000 and open a Quiznos, one, right?

So you open up a quiz nose, right? Now you are in the quiz nose and you are open for 3 days, you are open for a week. You know, people come through, and they don’t come through with anything alone, I had it for a week and i haven’t made any money yet. That’s stupid. Dumb, right? I know, if you have a quiz nose you got that invested, you are going to go through and you are going to do whatever it takes and you are going to make it happen, right? You are going to make it happen, the problem with this real-estate and wholesaling and bury inventory is low, you know? If it was $250,000, I guarantee the majority, 99.9% success rate, because you know what? You don’t back away for $250,000, you go it doesn’t work. You do whatever it takes, and you make it work. You find a way to make it work. And that’s just the way it is.

So, now I am glad it’s not $250,000 because I wouldn’t be here, if it was. But could you have the same attitude as if? Of course, you could. So what I am telling you is this, this can change your life and it’s proven. It’s not just me, I’m not the deal, I’m not the issue, I’m not the whatever. The only thing different between me and you is that I have more time invested, that’s it. Guess what, when you’ve been doing this for 10,000 hours, you’ve been doing this and talk to the amount of sellers I talked to, the amount of buyers I talked to, the amount of phone calls I’ve taken from sellers, the amount of appointments I went on.

If you’ve done it and you’ve put that much time in, guess what? You are going to get the same results, the same results. So the bottom it’s not, you can say, I am not the issue. And there are people that are taking the information that I’ve taught through the trainings, through the podcast, through the education and they are blowing by, they are killing it, in record time, way faster than I ever. Like Brian Harris, he had $100,000 a month, a few light-years before I head $100,000, I mean, in timer right?

What took me 8 years, 9 years, to get $100,000 a month, he did in 18 months. Record time, record time. This stuff works, right? And it will work for you, you are just going to put forth the effort, yet can’t ever, ever quit, don’t ever quit. Okay? Don’t give up on yourself, don’t ever quit, just commit to doing this. Do you realize if you do this for 3 years and you say, this is a 3-year adventure? I am going to do this for 3 years and there’s going to be ups and downs if you focus, 3 years, right? 3 years from now, where could you be 3 years from now? If you commit and do whatever it takes and bust your but, you will go for the rollercoaster, a motion rollercoaster, if you’ll go up and down and whatever. But guess what?

Stay focused for 3 years; give everything you got, even if you are working part time on your job, 3 years. I am telling you, 3 years from now you are going to look up and you are going to go wholly out, can’t believe what I created. I can’t believe it. All right, I hope you liked that segment of confidence, how to have more. I get wound up talking about this business, I can tell you that. Now, if you want more from me, go to Flip2Freedom.com, I wrote a book. You can get it for absolutely free, and you can download it, just go to Flip2Freedom.com and also to sign up for our live webinars. We got live webinars every week and we talk specifically about deals, instructor and recent deals that we’ve done and actually we got a $55,000 deal and I’ll show you specifically how we did it.

Step by step, where we found the lead, how we found the buyer, how we found the seller, I’ll give a picture of the house, the address of the house, the whole thing and then break down this entire $55,000 deal, using a strategic funding strategy and I share the 3 strategic funding strategies that allow you to do these deals, make quick cash in real-estate, using none of your cash, none of your credit, not raising capital or anything like that.

And I’ll show some specifically and these multiple, there’s one deal we did for $7,000, another deal we funded and we got $12,000, all using these different funding strategies. So go to Flip2Freedom.com, download the book for free and on the thank you page there will be a place where you can register for our upcoming live webinar. And we will crank it out. So again, thank you guys so much, I’ll see you on the next podcast episode, until then have a phenomenal couple of weeks. Take care and God bless.



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