Generating Guaranteed Traffic to Your Wholesaling Website

Generating Guaranteed Traffic to Your Wholesaling Website

The most successful real estate investors today know that internet marketing is one of their best allies and most powerful tools for building lead lists, flipping houses quickly, maximizing volume, and enjoying the largest profit margins. The top producers, verging on mogul status themselves are those that have mastered attracting masses of web traffic to their wholesaling websites.

Building a wholesaling website is one of the first core steps for most real estate investors today. Thankfully it has become incredibly inexpensive, easily and fast to do thanks to the competition in the web design marketplace and development of technology.

However, generating regular internet traffic and significant amounts of isn’t quite as basic to figure out. It’s frequently more difficult and expensive to generate substantial results than many real estate gurus make it out to be. This is becoming even more the case with increasing competition among real estate professionals and real estate tech startups. Competing for consumer attention online today can be a lot like multiple offer situations and bidding wars over attractive foreclosure properties in the hottest markets.

On the bright side there are many ways to drive traffic and leads to your wholesaling website.

Even starting with offline advertising touches to push prospects to your site can be an effective strategy. This can include in person networking, live events, direct mail, radio, TV, billboards and other forms of display and print advertising.

Then there are a variety of ‘free’ online marketing methods for driving in traffic. This includes a huge variety of platforms and strategies and techniques. Everything from social media marketing to viral videos, blogging, article marketing, cultivating business citations, forum marketing, blog commenting and simple on page SEO for drawing in organic traffic. Of course once you dig into many of these and realize the effort and scale it needs to be done on in order to achieve your goals they can often end up being far from free at all. Many of those strategies that fall into this category may virtually be essential to building a profitable wholesaling business today and should at least make up a part of the marketing mix, but sadly none really guarantees a consistent flow of inbound leads.

The only way to really guarantee leads coming into your wholesaling website is performance based, paid online advertising. Yahoo, MSN and Facebook offer variations of these services, as well as third party advertising and affiliate partnerships. However, the most powerful and reliable continues to be Google Adwords.

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