Global Marketing Tools for Wholesaling Properties

Global Marketing Tools for Wholesaling Properties

Real estate investors wholesaling properties no longer need to be restricted to marketing locally, and most will find that they will discover much larger volume and profits by extending their reach on an international level. So how can you effectively and affordably reach a whole world of buyers, sellers and private lenders to fuel your wholesaling business?

Foreign home buyers have been making up a huge percentage of real estate transactions in the U.S. for years and they don’t seem to be slowing down. This is on top of the many overseas investors and second home owners that have been holding U.S. properties since the last boom and the masses now actively and eagerly looking for real estate opportunities in America for vacationing, protecting their wealth, realizing better investment yields and relocating.

These can be your most profitable prospects when wholesaling properties as they are ready to move and often wield large amounts of cash. So how can you reach and connect with more of them?

1. Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly one of the easiest, fastest and lowest cost ways to reach an immense international audience of home buyers, investors, sellers and private mortgage lenders. Facebook alone boasts half of the world’s internet users as members, and while the effectiveness of paid advertising on the giant social network may be debated simply using it as a tool to connect with new contacts can be incredibly rewarding. However, of course those looking for more professional networking opportunities and business to business networking may find Google+ a better option.

2. Google Tools

Google’s Global Market Finder and Global Advertiser can help those wholesaling properties quickly and easily hone in on the locations of their best and most valuable prospects as well as translating ads and keywords to increase online advertising effectiveness and see results faster.

3. Toll Free

Toll free services are easily one of the most powerful tools at the fingertips of real estate wholesalers today. Numeric toll free numbers can raise visibility and make it more appealing for overseas buyers to call in. While advanced routing options can enable real estate businesses to more affordably staff call centers and direct prospects to phone agents that can best serve and close them for better profit margins and much higher volumes of business.

4. Events

Those investors looking for a little inspiration, first hand market research and have an itch to travel will find attending international home shows fun and rewarding. The most popular frequently brag thousands of attendees with millions in funds just looking for a home.

5. Affiliates

For an even better ROI on global marketing for wholesaling properties the savviest entrepreneurs are getting busy creating and tapping into international affiliate networks. This puts the marketing expense and effort on others, while meaning only forking out for leads and deals when they actually close.

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