Google Kills Email Marketing For Wholesaling Houses

Google Kills Email Marketing For Wholesaling Houses

Did Google really, finally kill off email as a wholesaling marketing strategy? Why would they do such a thing? What should wholesaling CEOs do now?

For those that don’t use Gmail regularly Google recently updated its inbox format to effectively filter out two thirds of messages as spam, relegating many wholesaling marketing messages to the depths never to be read. Why did they do it, and what work arounds can be found to keep up wholesaling marketing results?

The new multiple tab layout of the Google inbox means that contacts on lead lists using Gmail will have their messages delivered to a ‘Promotions’ folder instead of their main inbox. That’s great if people are looking to be sold to or really want to find a promotion like you are offering, not so much if they aren’t.

So why would Google make such a drastic move that has the potential to crush so many small businesses, end even the incredibly huge email providers and lead list vendors?

Like Facebook’s recent moves, Google’s definitely pushes back against any attempts at free wholesaling marketing, no doubt in an effort to get businesses to turn to paid advertising through its Google Adwords platform.

Of course this only applies to Google’s Gmail for right now, so unless your entire contact list is made up of Gmail accounts there is no need for complete panic, yet. However, it is a trend to keep on watching.

Still, wholesaling CEOs may well be smart to begin implementing some other marketing strategies to make up for any dings to traffic and deal flow from this move. This can include PPC advertising including Google Adwords, incorporating new social media networks like Pinterest and LinkedIn which continue to go under-utilized by many, as well various forms of Facebook ads.

Fortunately there are also some immediate workarounds to keep your wholesaling marketing alive and producing.


  • Notifying contacts where to look for your messages and when
  • Improving the value of your emails so much prospects will hunt them down whichever folder they land in
  • Improving the timing of email marketing messages so they arrive just when prospects are most likely to check these new Gmail tabs
  • Sending messages via Gmail to land in the primary inbox
  • Moving your email list over to a Google+ group
  • When promoting house deals, why not pick up the phone and close the deal on the spot?

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