F2F 031: HELP! I Can’t Sell My Wholesale Property…Maybe Your Confidence Sucks :)

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Is NOW the Time to FREAK Out!! I Can’t Sell The House!!! Now What?

So you finally got a property under contract and you start your marketing campaign.  You blast the property out to your list, you post it on Facebook, you send out a Tweet….and NOTHING.  Not a word. Now what do you do.  You’ll feel terrible going back to the seller and backing out.  You’ve already contacted your best buyers and they all pass.

Now What?

In this episode I answer that question, I give you specific that will allow you to save the deal.  And I tell you what to do if you can;t and need to back out.

So, Does Your Confidence Suck?  I know Mine Did, Until I Did These 3 Simple and Specific Things That Change Everything For Me.

Make sure you listen to the end if this podcast I’ll reveal these 3 proven easy steps.

Question of the Week!!!

Rate your confidence level from 1-10.  (10 being the highest). Explain why it’s there.

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