How Can Wholesaling Properties End Homelessness In the U.S.?

How Can Wholesaling Properties End Homelessness In the U.S.?

Can wholesaling properties actually help solve homelessness in America?

Homelessness is a far bigger issue in America than most realize. Even in the most affluent areas like Southwest Florida many are homeless with young kids going hungry every day. According to a HUD study last year the top 5 states for homelessness made up more than half the numbers in the country. These states were New York, Florida, California, Georgia and Texas. In Tampa, Florida alone there were around 7,500 homeless individuals on record.

However, some politicians have apparently discovered a solution. Portland, OR, Columbia, SC and Tampa, FL have been working to outlaw being homeless and lock up those found guilty of not having homes.

Apparently being homeless strips individuals of being members of the ‘public’ in these cities as, if they are lucky these convicts might get away with a fine of around $100 for being on public property.

According to news coverage of these trends those backing these proposals claim they are doing so in order to boost local business. Yet, while most can understand the potential negative consequences of mass homelessness including the impact on local property values online commentators appear to be mostly outraged.

It is almost understandable that local governments could see more dollars coming from fines like this (if they were ever paid), as well as seeing income generated from a higher prison population. Yet, isn’t there a better, more humane solution?

Opponents of the bill in South Carolina point out that it actually costs thousands less each year to provide permanent supportive housing in the form of an apartment compared to herding them into shelters.

So how can those wholesaling properties help the situation, and provide a solution that benefits individuals immediately and cities in the long run?

Wholesaling residential property is actually a natural solution, but can be made even more powerful by investors that go bigger to partner with cities and other investors to recycle distressed properties. This creates more housing, boosts the local economy, creates jobs, and increases tax and other revenues for local government, as well of course as helping to lift property values and businesses.

Additionally wholesalers can donate property for housing the homeless, provide job opportunities to those in need, and if they are really keen on creating solutions help house thousands of homeless individuals and families, win their votes and run for public office so that they can control policy.

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