How Difficult Is It To Wholesale Houses Today?

How Difficult Is It To Wholesale Houses Today?

How hard is wholesaling houses today, now that the real estate market has begun to improve?

The impression some are getting is that wholesaling houses may be getting harder as the housing market improves, even though investors whined for years after the market peaked last time and looked back on the furious days of 2001 to 2005 as the “good old days”.

Clearly there is still plenty of inventory out there with one Florida newspaper reporting more than 55,000 foreclosure homes still sitting vacant in the state. Plus, if anything housing inventory is loosening up as the market improves and lenders speed up foreclosures to cash in on rising home prices.

Distressed and discounted homes can be found in many ways today from REOs to foreclosure auctions, to HUD homes, probate and MLS properties and many more sources.

Despite the continued gripping about conventional mortgages being tough to get there are plenty alternative funding sources, making the acquisition side relatively easy. Even if borrowing costs do rise, which is likely, those wholesaling houses hold onto properties for such short periods it really makes little difference.

The risks are incredibly low for wholesaling houses compared with other strategies. It’s in, out paid, and buying smart there is plenty of room to get out quickly for less if you have to.

What many fear when getting in is finding end buyers and being able to resell homes, at least relatively quickly.

This shouldn’t be a big issue for the majority of wholesalers out there today either. From some media reports you’d think everyone in the country was wholesaling homes today and there is a ton of competition for buyers, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

There may be more buyers coming into the market, and investors, but a huge percentage of these investors, including the big funds are either looking to rehab and resell, or are building portfolios of rentals and, both need a steady supply of units and a source like you.

In fact, while some media sources try to way over hype the market to get buyers to pay more or panic and buy homes immediately, there are a surprising amount of real estate investors hungry for wholesale deals and not finding all they want.

So where are they?

You’ll find them posting in real estate investment forums, searching the internet, combing neighborhoods and calling on newspaper ads. Sadly many are underserved, and they could use more easy to find ads to respond to, replies to their forum posts, and legitimate results in search engines, or a least good ads popping up.

Take a good look at your area from the point of view of someone looking for wholesale properties for sale and you might discover lots of opportunity to get right in front of your best prospects easily and affordably whether it is in the paper, using Google Adwords, or simply getting better at SEO for your wholesaling website and social media pages.

Find your platform and way to gain visibility and you might have more buyers than you can handle.

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