How Pay-Per-Call Can Generate Inbound Wholesaling Marketing Leads

How Pay-Per-Call Can Generate Inbound Wholesaling Marketing Leads

There is a new wholesaling marketing strategy available to real estate investors that has the potential to serve up hot, fresh leads. So what is it, how does it work and what are the benefits compared to the other options out there right now?

Traditional forms of wholesaling marketing have often relied on outbound efforts, but that’s changing rapidly. Cold calling, door knocking and direct mail all still work, and can be very profitable, but now many marketers are trending toward inbound lead generation via content like blogs, as well as mobile.

These are certainly important parts of any wholesaling marketing mix today, but unless executed correctly do not always produce the desired results within the timeframe expected. Plus, there is so much outdated and junk advice out there on internet marketing today that these channels are often made far more complex than they need to be, and simply become a drain.

What it all comes down to for most investors is the desire to drive in leads right away, and preferably hot inbound live ones that are ready to take action.

The same applies whether it is sellers, buyers or private lenders that investors want to connect with most. Over the last few years many have tried outsourcing call center work and generating live transfers or pre-screened telemarketing and trigger leads. However, this has often been more challenging and expensive than most expect, and unfortunately delivering lower quality leads and far lowers conversions than hoped for; all of which dampens ROI for wholesaling marketing.

A new trend aims to change all this with pay-per-performance inbound calls from mobile customers. It’s all about PPC.

This isn’t the type of ‘PPC’ advertising most are accustomed to. This is pay-per-call, instead of per click like Google Adwords. Still the concept is the same. Investors pay when prospects call in from their ads in search engines and specifically from their mobile devices. These types of wholesaling marketing campaigns can be set up and executed with a DIY approach for those that love getting their hands dirty and stretching their brains or can be outsourced to third parties.

Of course even advanced pay-per-call solution will still have their quirks. Depending on the setup they may not be the cheapest way to grab new business, but it seems easy, means only paying for the leads you get, and can save a ton of time, so that you are only focusing on closing deals, not prospecting.

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