How to Close 5 $10K Deals by 12/31/2020

The other night was a blast; we had a ton of people from all over the country on the LIVE, and if you missed it, no worries. I shared precisely how to FIND, CONTRACT, and CLOSE (5) $10,000 Virtual Wholesale Deals by 12/31/20.

Here is the 6 step process:

1. Understanding the Numbers and how to predict Income (MATRIX). I shared a spreadsheet we use to track the most important numbers in your business that will lead to BIG CHECKS! Some of these numbers are

  1. How many leads did you generate this week?
  2. How many appointments did you create?
  3. How many Offers did you make? and
  4. How many contracts did you get accepted?

2. Where To Do Business?

I shared the 5 best cities to do business in.

3. The Top 3 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

I explain how we are generating hundreds of leads a day using PAID, CHEAP and FREE methods.

4. The 4-Step Over the Phone Closing Process

I went in detail about how 4-step over the phone closing process.

5. Closing Agents to Get the Deal Closed

I shared the 3 best Nationwide Closing Agents.

6. The 5-Step Process To Sell Any Deal.

I showed our 5 step process for selling wholesale deals anywhere in the US. I showed websites and software we use to reach potential buyers.

You’ll want to block some time to watch this; I lay out a business model that could generate you a millions like it’s done for me.

I’ve been wholesaling for 17 years, and this September, last month was the best month of my wholesaling houses career. This works; I am teaching exactly what my team and I are doing daily.




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