How To Deal With Shady Professionals When Wholesaling Houses

How To Deal With Shady Professionals When Wholesaling Houses

How should real estate investors deal with shady professionals when wholesaling houses?

Should you simply run, report them to the authorities, or try to work with them if you really want the deal and just try to minimize the downside?

Sadly, despite thousands being thrown in jail for various types of fraud when the housing bubble burst a few years ago the real estate industry has been filling up with countless shady ‘professionals’ again as the recovery has kicked in and everyone sees housing as the fast and easy ticket to big paydays. This runs the gamut from Realtors to mortgage brokers to accountants, bank loan officers, and title agents as well as amateur scammers trying to cash in on the chaos.

Sometimes they just make doing business difficult, other times they’ll appear to be helping you but set you up for disaster later and other times they are directly out to take advantage of you from the start.

So what do you do when you encounter them?

When many investors don’t get their way or receive the service they believe that they deserve when wholesaling houses their first instinct is to find someone to complain or report them too. While there are certainly cases where this is warranted or there is an obligation to go to these lengths, don’t be too trigger happy. Remember that unless you are absolutely 110% certain someone is willfully and intentionally doing something wrong you can not only destroy their reputation, but also their life long career and ability to feed and house their children due to unfounded accusations or a simple misunderstanding or mistake.

Instead of constantly running into the frustrations these shady real estate ‘professionals’ present when encountered, why not take a proactive approach? Surround yourself and cultivate a network of trusted pros you can rely on for fueling and oiling your wholesaling business.

Even when working with the top pros in the world, real estate is so complex that not everything will go right 110% of the time. Still, if nothing else they should at least be transparent and instantly alert you to potential issues even before they arise.

This will make all the difference in the performance of wholesaling houses business. Bad apples will drag you down by association. Choose to be excellent and above repute, and you’ll be in business a long time and gain plenty of referrals along the way.

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