F2F 024: How to Find Deep Discount Properties (Focus Simplicity) – Fast Start to Your 1st BIG Check

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Fast Start to Your First Big Real Estate Check Episode #3

How to Find Deep Discount Properties

This is a step-by-step series that will go in depth on the entire process for securing your first big check.

Getting your first check is the hardest part about this business.  You don’t know all the lingo, you maybe never even bought a house or your just flat out scared and intimidated of the whole process.

Well, in this series I’ll be breaking down into extreme detail exactly how to get your first check from start to finish.

Episode #1 – How to Build a Hungry Buyers List

Episode #2 – How to Build Your Real Estate Investment Dream Team

Step #3: How to Find Deep Discount Properties

In this episode I share the 3 best ways to find properties that work, no short sales, no REO’s just motivated sellers.  I tell you what marketing method works best.  I also give you the best lists to market to, I tell you what to say to the seller when they call on the phone.  What your objective is and what information you need to get from the seller.

I also answer 2 questions for you, one being from Corey about the motivation of a buyer when purchasing a property “Subject to”.  I also answer a question from James regarding Craig’s List account set up.

Also a big thanks to the recent iTunes reviews from Dolarnsens and Suitemac. I really appreciate it :)

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