F2F 007| How to Make Money in Real Estate While Working a JOB

Effective Time Management  – Tip of the Week

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In this episode I discuss how to work you day job and make money investing in real estate.  I get more questions regarding this subject.  You’ll learn that using technology can greatly increase your success.  Remember the goal is to quit your job and live the lifestyle of your dreams.  The way to do this is to make enough money that you have 1 year of income in the bank as a cousin.

So of you make $45,000 a year you need to have $45,000 in your bank account.  Have this success will give you the confidence to continue following the process.

Making money in real estate in relatively easy or should I say simple.  All you need to do is find a motivated seller that is will to sell the property at a discount, you get it under contract and then find a cash buyer at a higher price.  Not rocket science.

Don’t let the “I don’t have time” excuse stop you from getting started.   That should be the REASON you get started, to have more time.

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