How To Navigate The Trials Of Wholesaling Website Design For Investors

How To Navigate The Trials Of Wholesaling Website Design For Investors

Real estate investors know that they need wholesaling websites but once they start digging in quickly realize it can be a lot more trying than anticipated. So how can investors successfully navigate the pitfalls of designing and launching wholesaling websites and see great results, fast?

Either you are just getting into flipping houses and desperately need a website or already have one and have realized it needs a dramatic re-design. Either way, unless you are prepared and have the right strategy it can take many months longer than you expect and many more dollars to get live, while you miss out on many of the best investment opportunities and a lot of cash.

So what do you need to know, what best practices can you adopt and implement to streamline the process and guarantee a better result and, what other options might be at your disposal as alternatives to traditional wholesaling websites?

Perhaps the first and most significant challenge investors will face on this mission is choosing a reliable designer and getting a decent wholesaling website up on time and on budget. This can be tricky. First recognize that no matter what you are promised web designers are so busy and in high demand today that it will likely take at least 5 weeks to go from concept to live with your new wholesaling website. This is true, regardless how much you pay, so be ready, bunker down, grin and bear it, and don’t be tempted to overpay just to hear what you want. Screen designers well, weigh the benefits of outsourcing versus local and make sure to check out previous portfolios. You may also prefer to stick to platforms like WordPress which you can easily take over or grab control of and give to someone else if your designer really does go AWOL in the middle of the project.

Content is a critical piece of the puzzle and one which trips up endless investors. Your designer can’t finish their job and get you live unless you have the content ready. So prioritize this. When it comes to on site content today it must be high quality if you want it to be effective. So shrug off the urge to skimp on dirt cheap content or unreliable offshore solutions that may mean you have to redo it all again, and fall further behind.

Finally, remember it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect to go live online. First impressions do count, but you can always keep tweaking. So balance function and fancifulness carefully and focus on speed and quality.

If you really find that your wholesaling website is bogging you down consider grabbing some existing proven templates, opting for single landing pages for capturing leads, starting with a social media profile as your online presence, and putting up a blog which can act as the headquarters and heart of all of your wholesaling marketing online.

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