F2F 143: How to Sell & Close Your Wholesale Deal in 10 Days or Less While Avoiding 4 Huge mistakes: Lightning Fast $5K Formula

Welcome to the Flip2Freedom podcast, episode #143. We are near the end of our series, Lightning Fast $5K Formula.

How can you find a buyer for the house you just got under contract? We are going to go through what steps you need to take to find a cash buyer and get that much closer to closing the deal. If you haven’t gone to Flip2Freedom.com/Gift to get your 1st Check Matrix then go now and get it!

If you missed the previous episode in this series, you can find them below:

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This is a great way to end the series and I am so excited for this one. If you missed the last four make sure you check them out!

Listen and enjoy

Listen Here

What You’ll Learn:

  • Methods to Get You Property Viewed by as Many Buyers as Possible
  • Overcoming Fear of the Buyer
  • Setting Expectations for Your Buyer
  • Mentioned in this episode


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