How to Structure a Wholesale Deal & How to Determine Seller Motivation: Coaching Call Insider

Coaching Call Insider: Discover How to Structure a Wholesale Deal, Talk to a Motivated Seller PLUS a Q & A Bonus Secession!

Flip2Freedom Academy Coaching Call on December 4, 2013

This is a clip from our recent Flip2Freedom Academy Coaching Call we did via Google Hangout.  It’s an awesome way to communicate and connect with all the members.  On this special coaching call I explain how to structure a wholesale deal.  This is very important because we get a ton of questions from people that have a specific property but do not know how to structure the deal to make it sell-able to the market place.

After watching this, you’ll know…

Also we go in-depth on how to determine seller motivation and what to do with a motivated seller.  Do you make a “soft pass,” schedule an appt or make a written cash offer??

As a Flip2Freedom Academy Members I answer all the members burning questions, and on this call we had a TON!!!

You’ll love it!



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