Is it Time to Stop Rehabbing & Start Wholesaling Homes?

Is it Time to Stop Rehabbing & Start Wholesaling Homes?

Is it time you gave up rehabbing properties and started wholesaling homes instead?

Fixing and flipping houses is great, acquiring a portfolio of rental properties can be too and there are certainly other viable real estate investing strategies too. However, there are definitely strong arguments for switching gears and honing in on wholesaling real estate right now.

If you have been indulging in rehabbing and reselling homes, are you running into issues with cash flow, having a tougher time flipping for the spreads you anticipated, suffering from rising material and labor costs, running into trouble with appraisals even after improvements, or just not seeing the net ROI you expected?

If any of these apply to you then maybe it’s time to make the switch…

If you haven’t tried your hand at it yet you’ll find many advantages of wholesaling homes versus digging in to renovation projects.

Obviously for a start wholesaling homes means turning them around and getting paid a lot faster than getting involved in fixing them up and attempting to retail. This also means gaining a head start on compound interest and returns for snowballing wealth building.

There is really no speculation when it comes to wholesaling versus rehabbing, building or acquiring new construction or land. This slashes risk and locks in profits when you buy; ensuring you stick to the most important golden rule of investing.

Wholesaling homes doesn’t require making improvements to properties which is often a complete waste of capital, requires less if any cash of your own in; dramatically lifting ROI.

Perhaps most significant, wholesalers enjoy avoiding all of the expense, risks and liability that comes with holding properties which can make all the difference in long term success of becoming a victim of a variety of threats.

Right now the stars are certainly aligned for wholesaling homes and the need to actually rehab properties to make a profit has pretty much become redundant. The boom is taking off with rapidly rising retail homes prices, yet there are huge amounts of distressed properties and motivated sellers; creating large spreads for wholesalers.

Rehabbing can be fun, therapeutic and rewarding in terms of revitalizing communities, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the one to do it, or do it for money. Do it just for fun with your profits from wholesaling homes or under a non-profit initiative for good.

If you want to strip away the hassle, waste and time and get down to making real money faster and putting more net profit in your pocket take another look at wholesaling homes…

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