Is This the Fatal Flaw in Your Wholesaling Strategy?

Is This the Fatal Flaw in Your Wholesaling Strategy?

What’s the most common strategic flaw that cripples real estate wholesalers and their enterprises?

By recognizing the mistakes that other property wholesalers have made and making sure you head off the issue, you can take your business further, longer, and bigger. However, if you choose to ignore the real estate lessons out there to guide and protect you, and surge ahead with a fatally flawed strategy it doesn’t matter how optimistic you are, you will be limited in success.

Some flop because they fail to focus on scale at all, which is a major mistake. Emerging and cyclical factors will notoriously and consistently, eventually make a dent. Real estate wholesalers have to be growing, even if they just want to maintain the same income level.

However, an even bigger wholesaling strategy flaw is to focus on scale without thought to profitability.

This leads to scaling big and just creating a lot more work to do for even less profit. Before blazing head first on a mission to create a global real estate empire there are some important questions to ask.

  • What will it cost to scale?
  • What costs will increase and are variable, and which are fixed?
  • What will you have to give up or discount to go bigger?
  • How can you ensure you’ll easily be able to scale back down if the market shrinks or you want a break?

Unless you are purely investing for fame and to feed the ego, it should be all about net profit. Going big is good, but only if it pays more.

Sometimes that means focusing on doing the small things well, or doing really great on a small scale and honing a system and building reputation first.

The process can be dramatically sped up if adopting an existing proven system. There are some out there. So find a proven path that can you can plug n play and go from a-z fast. This will allow you to eliminate all of the lengthy and expensive trial and error process that those that neglect advice have to go through, and speed you to success and set your real estate business up for longevity.

Forging ahead and blazing a path to an incredibly bright future is a lot easier when investors minimize and eliminate risks by leap frogging the pitfalls and learning from the mistakes and success stories from others. Any other wholesaling strategy is just taking a gamble.

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