Is Wholesaling Homes Just Another Job?

Is Wholesaling Homes Just Another Job?

Is wholesaling real estate just another day job or is it really investing?

Some dismiss wholesaling homes as just another 9-5, or worse a 9-9 plus weekends and holidays. So what’s the real deal? Can this strategy really deliver on the promise of “fast and easy” money, with “bad credit and no money of your own” and deliver more freedom as some real estate investing gurus preach?

It is true that there are many strategies for investing in real estate. Some are highly risky, bordering on insane, several that are based upon sound investment principals do work effectively when executed wisely and not all are the perfect fit for every individual.

In fact, done poorly, without investing in education or a system any form of investment can become just another job. Even buying rental properties and becoming a landlord can become nothing more than a tough job with really long hours and lots of stress. In fact, while it is often these landlords that minimize the advantages of wholesaling homes, it is these buy and hold investors that are really caught in the rat race.

Being tied down to properties that require constant daily involvement can be a prison sentence, with lots of hard labor. In contrast, as we are about to see, flipping houses or contracts can require far less work.

Much of the confusion certainly simply stems from a lack of education. Many, including some veteran investors believe that wholesaling homes requires daily searches for deals and constantly engagement in order to keep money coming in. However, that simply isn’t accurate.

Of course some approach it that way. They position themselves poorly, lack a system or plan and set up a model which dictates that their next month’s income is always reliant on physically getting out there to scour for properties and buyers and new money to finance their transactions.

Still, this can deliver pretty fast and easy money compared to virtually anything else most could find an income from. Even one deal a week could put most in the top 1% of income earners in the United States, and still leave masses of free time each week.

However, those that start right, start with a plan focused on the end goal and utilize a smart business model that is designed to deliver freedom, passive income and wealth building can find wholesaling homes isn’t just a dream come true, but the best possible real estate investing strategy.

Focus on becoming a wholesaling CEO, a business owner, with a company that runs itself and throws off large amounts of cash each month with little involvement and you are on your way out of the rat race.

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