F2F 115: (KPI’s)The 19 Numbers You MUST Track Every Week For Explosive Growth PLUS How to Close UN-CLOSEABLE Deals

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Discover the 19 Most Important Numbers (KPI’s) You MUST Track on a Weekly Basis

Wholesaling Houses KPI'sIn this episode I break down the most important numbers you must track every week with your team.  If you’re an experienced wholesaler than this episode will be perfect for you when trying to scale your business, if you’re a newbie you will be the only person reporting on these numbers and holding yourself accountability. All in all, it good!

I also explain how to close un-closeable deals.  Every once in a while you’ll have a deal that gets stuck for some reason or another.  There’s a title issue, a probate is taking to long, you have to get a signature from an ex-wife or sibling.  I even had to track down a water filter lien that was 36 years old and the company went out of business.  We had to get a release before closing.  If I wasn’t tenacious and took the responsibility to track down this old lien holder this $30K deal would have never happened.  Remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the paycheck.

I hope you love this episode.

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