Labor Day And More Hot Days For Wholesaling Houses Coming Up

Labor Day And More Hot Days For Wholesaling Houses Coming Up

Is Labor Day one of the best days of the year for wholesaling houses? If you missed it, what other great days for selling houses are coming up, and what’s the best way for investors to capitalize on them?

Labor Day For Wholesaling Properties

Labor Day is reported to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year according to retailers. In fact, it is ranked only just behind two other days of the year for sales.

This also makes it an incredible day for wholesaling properties. Consumers are out in the street, on the roads and on the web in mass; creating massive opportunities for increased visibility and connecting with more prospective buyers.

Most probably don’t need more junk just because the ‘sales’ are on. Buying or investing in real estate would make a lot more sense. So help them out.

The Irony of Labor Day for Wholesaling CEOs

While this can be a very profitable day for flipping homes, it is ironically a day meant for resting and taking time out. So how do you juggle the two?

Taking the time off should be a priority. Most wholesaling CEOs don’t take enough of it. It should be a day for relaxing, spending quality time with family, or at least taking a breather and strategizing your next moves rather than being on the front lines fielding phone calls yourself.

To accomplish this without missing out on all of the sales opportunities Labor Day brings savvy investors adopt proven systems and automate their businesses so that they can screen deals and field new leads, and close a high volume of deals without having to put in endless hours and work holidays.

More Great Days for Wholesaling Houses

According to retailers Labor Day only comes behind Black Friday and Christmas for sales. Thanksgiving and Halloween can be great ones too. Then of course there is the whole end of year rush with corporate bonuses, and stampede to minimize tax liability for the year.

Those that strategize well and take the time to time their marketing and budgets well and really see their results take off between now and the end of the year.

Use themed content marketing, social media including Facebook ads, run online deals, throw more open houses, collaborate on print advertising and more to connect with more prospects and maximize marketing ROI.

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